Your Personal Dating Stylist

Everyone knows that when it comes to dating, appearance matters. It’s not the only thing that matters, but it is definately the first thing that you are judged by.

Why? Because eros love is visually oriented. This indicates that both women and men should be as attractive and well-groomed as possible, whenever possible.

Maybe you’ve read all my articles and applied many principles in your quest to secure dates. What more could I possibly do? you ask yourself.

This is where I come in. I’m here to help you put your best foot forward. I have been giving advice on appearance for 16 years. As an amateaur makeup artist and also a fashion and beauty blogger, I can help.

Most importantly, I believe I have an eye for what looks good to both genders. Isn’t that what matters?

All you have to do is submit a photo and any questions you have. I will not share your pictures or questions with anyone. I will give you my opinions and suggestions with tact and care. I will answer any of your questions. It could be simple stuff like…

What do you think of my hairstyle?
What do you think about this picture to post on
What do you think of these sunglasses on me?
How do I wear this scarf?
Should I wear this on a first date?
What shoes do I wear with this outfit?
What is your first impression of me?
This is what I usually wear. What would you say I can do to improve my style and attract more women?

My brother is one of my long time clients:) These pictures are all looks and photos I have created for him. I used to also be his hair stylist!

(disclaimer: the pictures above are not real Calvin Klein ads. We are not affiliated with Calvin Klein in any way)

For any women reading this, short of flying across the country and giving you a personal makeover, I can also assist you with any style and beauty concerns you may have.

Sometimes women dress in a way that other women appreciate, but men do not take notice. Other times, women dress too provocatively and attract the wrong kind of attention. I have found these to be the two biggest offenses.

I will be honest and give you suggestions like go to a kingsize big and tall store if you are a larger guy and what pieces to pick out. Not in a Patti Stranger fashion, but honest.

Do you have bad posture? That will turn men off.
A unibrow? Same thing.
Do you dress in clothing that is too small or too frumpy? I will let you know.
Sometimes you don’t have friends who are bold enough to tell you what’s up.
I once gave a friend deodorant, and she will always be grateful. I’m THAT friend.

So email me your pictures, questions and concerns:)

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