You Do What?

Weird is normal. Normal is weird.

We all do weird things. People who embrace normalcy aren’t fascinating. On the other hand, people like Paris Hilton, who say, “Life is too short to blend in,” get judged by the media… But that only proves that they are fascinating.

The coolest thing is when you find someone who finds your weirdness endearing. After they get past the initial reaction, “You do what??” those weird idiosyncrasies start to color their vision of who you are. And that is a beautiful thing.

Like with my brother, who can’t listen to a song on the radio without pointing out all the background noises of the song…

Or my mom, who leaves washed hospital gloves all over the house because she hates throwing things away.

Or my dad, who counts under his breath when he runs.

Or my parents, who can’t eat a meal without rice so they ended up sneaking in a Tupperware of rice when we went to Olive Garden.

Or my entire family,
who uses a special whistle in public to find each other. (man, my friends used to mimic the whistle as a joke. It was hilarious how our faces would frantically scan the area for a parent)

or me, who prefers stale bread over piping hot bread.

I toast bread, but wait till it’s cool:

Then I have a way of eating it: All edges first,

then I split the middle in half and eat each side separately.

Weird huh?

When you’re in a relationship and you get to know the other person’s weirdness… you’ve reached another level of intimacy. Count yourself blessed. They’re letting you in their weird little world!

When that happens, love has a chance to grow…

“Love is when you are with somebody and you don’t have to be somebody else.” -Seal

What is weird about you??? ‘Wanna share?

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I love thinking about the intricacies of dating, love and life. I share my tiny lessons in the hope that it helps you as you navigate the dating world.

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  1. Dave

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself from being the first to post here. I’m 100% normal, nothing weird about me. The rest of the world? Now, that’s a different question. . .

    Enjoy your weirdness,
    – Dave

  2. MidoriLei

    Dave, you’re in denial! lol ;P

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