Why Nerds Are Hot

Meet my favorite online nerd: (next to my brother, of course)
Lance, the Eco-Warrior who goes by LoonyK in the blogosphere

One of my best friends and I love nerds. Here’s why.

Why Lynne loves nerds:

  • “There’s a kind of vulnerability about them… They are emotionally accessible.”
  • “They aren’t vain. They are oblivious to their appeal.”
  • “The nerds I’ve met are passionate about what they do.”

Why I love nerds:

  • Something about a guy who reads for fun makes me weak in the knees.
  • Because they read, they are engaging to converse with and they have so many interests! I never get bored. There’s always something to learn, do, discover. I’m a fan of the man who’s more interested in acquiring experiences, skills and learning new hobbies than a man who wants to just have more possessions.
  • I like a smart, knowledgeable guy I can learn from. If you haven’t noticed, I like anything that involves change and positive growth. I pursue knowledge/understanding/wisdom like most Americans pursue material wealth, so I’d rather have a guy by my side who can feed my brain instead of giving me jewelry or taking me to exotic locales. Really for me, a nice picture is just as satisfying (if not more) than actually traveling to the place.
  • Glasses. Love my men in glasses! Especially rimless ones. wow.
  • Here’s my brother in a pair:

  • My best friend is a nerd (my brother) and he’s the one and only person I never get tired being with, so I figure I like that fact and want someone like him.
  • I’m a flighty, right-brained, outgoing, adventurous, creative type. I flock to the opposite: the stable, left-brained, shy, loves routine, logical and analytical, loves numbers type.
  • They’re usually humble. Most men who fall in this category are there because they have gone through a humbling experience. I know right now nerds have their appeal, but there was a time when being a nerd was completely not cool. Most nerds have been through that humbling experience.
  • They usually surround themselves with other male geeky friends. Me likes. It really bothers me when I meet a guy who only has female friends. I’m not a jealous type. I just lose a bit of respect for these kinds of guys just because:

    I think it’s important for men and women to have close friends of the same gender. It’s too easy to be close friends with women. Women are naturally nurturing and like the whole bonding aspect. I understand that it’s harder to bond with men and build real, genuine friendships with them, that’s why I have more respect for a man who finds those kinds of friendships. To me, it’s evidence that they took the harder road and succeeded.

    It proves to me that he has enough testosterone to hang with men.

    I’ve had too many friends who’ve had to deal with a guy’s girl best friend who we all knew secretly was in love with him… It’s just hard and almost impossible to take out the sexual element when it comes to male and female relationships. I want to know that when we’re having problems he’s not running off to a woman who could possibly have feelings for him and will give him her biased opinion of the situation based on that.

  • They usually like to read directions(thank God!) Not me.
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I love thinking about the intricacies of dating, love and life. I share my tiny lessons in the hope that it helps you as you navigate the dating world.

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  2. Mike

    After reading that, to find a girl with your mentality would be extremely rare. If only they all thought like this

  3. MidoriLei

    Mike, you’re right, they don’t all think like this…. BUT all you need is ONE girl who thinks like this and who gives you the green light when you pursue her. Keep hunting! She is out there! There has never been a better time for nerds in all history, that I’m pretty sure!

  4. Alex

    So you are saying that nerds are secretly popular with the ladies?


  5. MidoriLei

    Alex, I’m saying secretly AND publicly!

  6. oKiRa

    U knw, the most common thing i seen with women . Most of them just like jerks and asshole.
    Plus it’s very rare to find to person like ourselves

  7. hunter


    Women operate off of their feelings. The jerks and assholes make women “feel”. Even if it is a bad feeling, most women would rather “feel

  8. nerdyguy

    Whoa! I wish the hot girls at my college thought along that brain pattern! I never knew that being a nerd was ‘hot’. In that case, I have finally won my constant battle against life and other things I suck at. (P.S Nerds do not know everything contrast to popular belief, I mean, I just learnt that I was hot!) Well, I am going to fix my laptop!

  9. Piper

    You put people in groups to readily. There are plenty of nerds who want to get smart so they can get a job and get material things. I agree though, “nerds” are HOT. I think exactly the same way you do, someone who cares about being real more than being impressive is special.

  10. MidoriLei

    Piper, true true… there are plenty of nerds who want to get smart so they can get a job and get material things…. but to me that’s a good thing! I think, at least they own up the responsibility and want to provide for themselves.

  11. Nicolle

    I will only date nerds 🙂 I hate all other guys, no offense… I think most nerds are actually cute, especially if they have glasses! It’s HOT!:) They are real, and fun, and smart! Intelligence is sexy.

  12. Hailey

    Well,there is differnt types of boys.The jocks are jocks and will not last forever,but theres something about them nerds and geeks that are so sexy.i LOVE men that are skinny,sweet,emotional,differnt,and someone that has his own personalty.smartness and intelligence is hard to find in most boys.

  13. Sean

    My gf is like this. I remember one time when I was reading her a philosophy paper I had written for fun she jumped me before I could finish my paper. When we were done I asked her what that was about and she told me that she found my nerdy activities hot as hell. Now I make sure I show her every program I write, lol. We’ve been together for 6 years now, and we also enjoy mixing up our partners but that’s more recent.

    I’ve always thought nerds were cool. I think being cool is all about being confident with who you with respect to the world. I remember one time this guy was insulting star trek (just before 09 came out) because an acquaintance of mine brought it up, the idea being “Punish the nerd.” I then went off on him with absolute confidence about what ballers Kirk, Spock and Picard were and how Kirk’s gotten way more pus then him and the guy had to admit Star Trek was cool because I did it with absolute confidence. If you can stare a guy straight in the eyes and say “Math and Pokemon are cool” with no shame, simply cause you like them then you’re a baller in my book.

    Also not all nerds are emotionally accessible my humbling experience taught me to be very closed off from other people. But if I do let someone in I tend to be very vulnerable with them. I wonder if this lowers my nerd value according to the poster’s definition.

  14. Lady Alex

    I stumbled upon this just now, and I completely agree with every point you made. I love nerds too; they’re so passionate about things, and skilled, and SMART – and all of that is super sexy. I’ve never really been concerned with looks, but I love a man in glasses (and a nice smile never hurt!)… I love conversing with intelligent men, I love learning and I love how excited they get when they talk about something they’re passionate about, it makes me smile. I’m also the creative, chaotic type so a well balanced, logical person suits me too. Nerds… love em!

  15. MidoriLei

    Lady Alex,

    yay to opposites attracting! lol and nerds with killer smiles:)

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