You get left on read
It hurts

What to do if YOU Get Left on Read

It happens to everyone. You get left on read, and you aren’t sure what to do about it. What do I do next? Maybe they just missed the text? Should I text again?

No.  If in some crazy way they missed the text, they will eventually see it.  If they don’t, that’s because you weren’t on their mind enough in the first place.

I used to get nervous if I wouldn’t get an immediate response.

I think it came from a guy I used to date.  We dated for 3 months, talked everyday and I thought things were going well.  Then he got upset about something.  And instead of talking to me about it he left me on read and dropped off the planet.

And I was sick about it.

Until I wasn’t.


And I think that’s what everyone has to do.  Realize that not everyone was taught manners and accept that the world is full of people that should lose their adult card because they don’t know how to treat others.  It’s like they skipped kindergarten.


Forgive and move on. Why forgive? Forgiveness is for you not them. Don’t give them anymore of your headspace or energy.  They have wasted enough of it.


I think a lot of adulthood comes from accepting the short comings of others and moving on from them.  Not letting their actions effect your happiness.

But it’s hard to just let go!

Yes it is.  And I felt like I needed an answer, like I deserved one.  I did and so do you, but we don’t get to dictate how others treat us.

If you have been left on read, I’m sorry.  It sucks.

If you want more help and you are a reader, let me recommend Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.  It is one of the best books I have ever read, and it’s a short easy read.

If you are not a reader then let me offer you the Cliff’s Notes version (spoiler alert).

     Victor Frankly survived 4 Nazi concentration camps.  During the life he experienced in horrific circumstances he discovered true freedom.  A brief explanation of his wonderful book: an external event happens that you have no control over.  You have the space in which you pause to decide how you will react before you actually react.  And in that space of decision is our freedom.  Then you react.  So no one can have control over your feelings or life unless you give it to them.  As well, if you look at any situation and find meaning in it, it will give you a purpose which will make the situation bearable.

This is a watered down and simplified version of a book of genius and hope that I cannot recommend enough.

If you still need some inspiration on how to get your happy back, here is a review of my favorite documentary, Happy.

They suck

So.  What do you do if someone leaves you on read? Accept that they suck and you do not have control over their actions.  But you do control how you react and feel.

Go for a walk, run, lift, cry, yoga, dinner, call a friend.  Do all the angry (but healthy) things.  Then move on.

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