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What Makes Single Men and Women Frustrated

Last week I went out with some friends.

We ate.

We drank.

We danced the night away.

It was really hard not to be distracted by the one girl who decided to leave her pants at home and dance with her panties on + thigh highs + garter on the platform right above us.

The boys were drunk and drooling, standing close enough to see gyrating cheeks within arms length, heads tilted in amazement, eyes wide and glazed over.

The girls were secretly thinking, Daddy issues…. but, she has a great body.

It’s not really my scene to be staying out til 2:30 in the morning, and I have a soreness on both sides of my neck to prove it.

BUT it was so much fun dancing until my hair was wet with perspiration.

And it was great conversation at dinner.

I met a couple of new people too.

After hearing that I write a dating column, people were happy to dish out some rants and raves about being single.

The Ladies are Frustrated With…

I found one woman HATES when guys tell her

“I want to get to know you better.”

In her head she’s frustrated at the vagueness of the expression.

Does he want to date me or be my friend?

So, as I’ve already told you gentlemen in the past, let me hammer it in again, women love to be asked out on DATES.

The world “date” takes away any vagueness.

It tells of your real intent to stay clear out of the friend zone and straight into the non-platonic area.

And ladies, if you are ever fed that line, my advice is to just call him out on it.

“Is that your roundabout way of asking me out on a date?”

Of course he’s then going to be embarrassed (that’s good) and maybe he’ll learn a lesson that not being frank about his intentions is cowardly.

The Guys are Frustrated With…

One guy told me of his frustrations that women give him the wrong number. And I wish ladies who read this would take note.

If you don’t want HIM to be cowardly and instead want him to be frank, then you should also be up front.

It’s much better if you’re not interested to just say so, than to give a wrong number.

Think about it. If you give a wrong number, you are first making him super elated, and then he goes home and is met with disappointment and a feeling of being led on, deceived.

It’s way UP then way DOWN when you could have just gently let him down from the get go.

A guy would rather be told up front “I’m sorry, I’m not interested.” Rather than go through the ROLLERCOASTER of emotions- elated. disappointed. a little angry that they’ve been led on/deceived.

Plus ladies, there’s always the possibility of seeing him again, and do you really want to get in that awkward situation? If you let him down gently the first time, he will see you from across the room and think,

    Aww there’s that cute girl who let me down.

But if you gave him the wrong number, he will be looking at you from across the room thinking,

    That BITCH who gave me her wrong number! She is a liar. She is deceitful. She led me on.

Okay, he might not be thinking ALL of that, but he will be remembering you in a NEGATIVE light as opposed to a positive light.

You’re no longer just the girl who turned him down. You’re the cowardly girl who didn’t have enough guts to turn him down so instead you had to lie and be deceitful.

Do you really want to be remembered like that by anyone?

And to all the gentlemen who are dealing with this frustration and can relate, just remember, many girls may give you the wrong number, but all you need is one.

It’s a numbers game.

Sometimes, most of the time, you have to go through a lot of “no’s” and wrong numbers before you get one “yes.”

You don’t want to be with that girl who gives out wrong numbers anyway. She’s a liar and a deceiver and cowardly, remember?!

But that one “yes” could be the girl that changes everything.

She could be the girl that changes your WHOLE life.

And when you’re there, I promise you’re going to be telling yourself she was worth all the “no’s” and wrong numbers you had to go through.

And ladies and gents, here’s a great dating tip to practice on an actual date (from Joan Rivers via Cup of Jo) when you do get that one yes or that guy finally fesses up he’s ready to take you out on a date and doesn’t just want to get to know you better.

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