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What Heartache Feels Like for a Woman

Yesterday I shared what heartache feels like for a man, today it’s our turn. Thanks to all my friends who opened up:)

Miserable. Like not being ready to let go – and being forced to.. could be compared to (losing someone to) death, except for the fact that heartbreak can be avoided, it doesn’t just happen.. someone does it to you.


Heartbreak feels like there will never be another person in the world. Like everything has just fallen out from you…like you can’t stand to breath because breathing makes you cry…like the sky is gray and dark when it is really a gorgeous day…like you have lost everything that you ever wanted and everything that should have been.


It feels like the light has been turned out on life, like the birds have been robbed of their song, like I’ve been cut in half and I’m left with the part that doesn’t make sense.


Lydia also has some great insights that I think everyone who’s been heartbroken can relate with:

I think the thing I struggle with most when I get my heart broken is feeling that not being right for that particular masculine wonder somehow means I’m not alright or good enough in general as a person. I guess the opinion of that man means so much to me that it actually plays a large part in defining who I am. He leaves or rejects me and suddenly I go through an identity crisis. I’m actually getting better at handling that issue but for years before I realized what was happening, I experienced great upheavals in self-esteem during periods of heartbreak.

Can’t we all relate to this?

I always ALWAYS feel like I’ll never meet another who will compare. I can’t imagine anyone else taking first place in my heart and I often don’t want to try (especially if I haven’t accepted that it’s really over for good).

Lydia has so graciously shared with me her heartbreak stages. I’ll share them on Monday’s post! (parts are heartbreaking, parts are hilarious!) Thanks, Lydia. She writes an awesome travel blog. Check it out, and have a great weekend:)

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  1. Lydia

    Wow, I get to be quoted in TWO of your blogs. Lucky me! 😀 I completely relate to the quotes from the other girls too, especially what Robyn said about losing what should have been. I’ve totally felt that.

  2. MidoriLei

    No, I’M luck to have your input in here! Thanks, Lydia!

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