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what guys think

This was an anonymous myspace bulletin that my friend Nick posted up. Thanks Nick!

We don’t care if you talk to other guys. We don’t care if you’re friends with other guys.

But when you’re sitting next to us, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us, yeah, it pisses us off.

It doesn’t help if you sit there and talk to him for ten minutes without even acknowledging the fact that we’re still there.

We don’t care if a guy calls you, but at 2 in the morning we do get a little concerned.

Nothing is that important at 2 a.m. that it can’t wait till the morning.

Also, when we tell you you’re pretty / beautiful / gorgeous / cute / stunning, we freaking mean it.

Don’t tell us we’re wrong. We’ll stop trying to convince you.

The sexiest thing about a girl is confidence. Yeah, you can quote me.

Don’t be mad when we hold the door open. Take advantage of the mood we’re in.

Let us pay for you! Don’t “feel bad.” We enjoy doing it. It’s expected. Smile and say “thank you.”

Kiss us when no one’s watching. If you kiss us when you know somebody’s looking, we’ll be more impressed.

You don’t have to get dressed up for us. If we’re going out with you in the first place, you don’t have to feel the need to wear the shortest skirt you have or put on every kind of makeup you own. We like you for who you are and not what you’re wearing.

Honestly, I think a girl looks more beautiful when she’s just in her pj’s or a t-shirt and boxers, not all dolled up.

Don’t take everything we say seriously. Sarcasm is a beautiful thing. See the beauty in it.

Don’t get angry easily.

Stop using magazines/media as your bible.

Don’t talk about how hot Morris Chesnutt, Brad Pitt, or Jesse McCartney is in front of us. It’s boring, and we don’t care. You have girlfriends for that.

Whatever happened to the word “handsome” / “beautiful”? I’d be utterly stunned by a girl who greeted me with “Hey handsome!” instead of “Hey baby / stud / cutie / sexy” or whatever else you can think of. On the other hand, I’m not saying I wouldn’t like it either; )

Girls, I cannot stress this enough: if you aren’t being treated right by a guy, don’t wait for him to change. Ditch his sorry disgrace to the male population *** and find someone who will treat you with utter respect.

Someone who will honor your morals. Someone who will make you smile when you’re at your lowest. Someone who will care for you even when you make mistakes. Someone who will love you, no matter how bad you make them feel. Someone who will stop what they’re doing just to look you in the eyes….and say “I love you” ..and actually mean it.

Give the nice guys a chance.

Some other random stuff….

*Holdin Hands

Girls :If you want to hold his hand, gently bump into it a couple of times.
Guys : Grab it if it happens more than once.


Girls : When you want to cuddle with him, tell him you’re cold.
Guys : Automatically move closer to her.


Girls : During a movie, if he puts his arm around you, tilt your head on his shoulder.
Guys : Lift her chin up and kiss her.

*Loving each other

Guys : When she tells you she loves you, look deep into her eyes, give her a peck on the lips, and tell her you love her too… And mean it.

*Laying below the stars

Girls : When you’re both laying under the stars, put your head on his chest and close your eyes as you listen to his steady heart beat.
Guys : Whisper in her ear and link your hands with hers.

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  1. Rhonda

    What a wonderful article! Thanks so much!

  2. AnAiS

    diz iS rEAlLy NiCE i likE iT =]]

  3. Joanie

    Aww, this si so cute. And some parts made me laugh, 🙂 i like it a lot

  4. Bobbi

    This is the guy i need. Who are you and are you single? 🙂

  5. hunter

    Somehow, I don’t think Nick’s dream girl exists. If a woman is very attractive she will get telephone calls at odd times of the night, she will come accros interruptions, they do get angry(’cause she has been hurt before, she was not my private discovery), they don’t care for nice guys, most nice guys are inexperienced, boring, and life is too short, compliments come to them several times a day, they don’t know who really means it, most women are highly attracted to men that don’t treat them right, etc……..

  6. Nicole

    Uhm hi, can we get married? Please?

  7. hannah

    haha, your advice is cool. i think more guys should be more like that. taking initiative of the whole mood and going for it too. i know guys have feelings as girls and don’t show it, but i think it’s cool if they do show it instead of acting cool, it’s really hard to tell what they are feeling or when they are actually being honest with you then just joking around. us girls sometimes have to make the moves first before the boys. we do hate that. be straight forward..We like that you know. i think confidence is in everyones mind right now. anyways it’s my opinion. thanx for this post. its nice to see what a guy thinks.

  8. izzy

    ok…u r AMAZING!!! my best friends sent this 2 me and i almost cried!! this is sooooo cute!! if a guy like this is actualy alive…..omg!! just know that alot of girls will think u r AMAZING!!!!

  9. Iris

    wow! only if all the guys ahd the smae mentality- believe me all girls would kill to have a man like that…… that’s including me.

    Those are nice TIPS…….. i like them a lot 🙂

  10. Nathan

    Finally something that shows people how we can genuinely think and feel. Many conversations with friends have led me to believe nice guys will finish last. Something I would add to the list is that we have the honest thought to ask you how your day was and intently listen to your answer. My father, oddly enough, gets uncomfortable when I ask him how work was every day but I always get an answer! I haven’t been able to get into a relationship yet, but hopefully someday a girl will fall for my “nice-guy” charms.

  11. Ashley

    Great Article,
    And great tips for a women I”m writing all this down. Although I LOVE NICE GUYS! I have one as a boyfriend. And it is true about calling your guy handsome and beautiful. They do love it. There almost like a plant or food. If you put love in what your doing. It will bloom and even say your beautiful 🙂

  12. Susan

    Awsum!! i’m a nice girl (IMO=)) looking for a truly nice guy..i did get sidetracked by a jerk first because he took the initiative and the other (nice) guys were more laid back..but after coming to my senses i’m single till a MAN comes along. -no matter how long it takes!! kudos to all the “nice” guys/girls out there=)

  13. Jamie

    Thank you so muh!! This is way cool. It’s nice to know that no matter how many guys I meet or how discouraged I get that they all seem like “jerks”. There are decent Godly guys out there who want and fell the same way we girls do!!!

  14. Sara

    Thank you for posting this. I always find it interesting to hear thing sfroma guys point of view. Sometimes girls just need to be reminded that guys think bout all of those things as well.

  15. nice guy

    no all these comments are bs…im a guy like this and ive only had one gf in my life and im 18 im still a virgin and no girl will give me a chance bc im not a douche bag…and ive been told im attractive by many girls its just they only want to be friends with me bc im like this so girls here is some advice…date your guy friends if you can already stand to be around them all the time and find them nice and fun don’t let the whole “he is like my brother” or “i dont want to ruin the friendship” get in your way

  16. susanna

    ok common myth expulsion number one: women like bad boys.

    no. we don’t love bad boys, we just like them temporarily for their looks. in a real search for a good relationship, the “bad boys” never work. men, don’t waste your time on a girl that’s only looking at superficial stuff like that, cause she won’t appreciate the effort it is taking you to be nice and gentlemanly.

    i really love this article. i’m a girl and i look for this kind of attitude in guys, and sometimes i get discouraged because i think none like this are left. but this article gives me hope that you respectable guys are in fact out there!

  17. priscilla

    i agree with this whole thing! even if i am a chick, not many people know this but a lot of serious guys and girls do think a like even if there a dude doesn’t mean there heartless and all because there a chick doesn’t mean there all bimbos

  18. priscilla

    plus just as guys i rather be called like beautiful/ pretty then sexy hot etc.

  19. Natalia.

    Awe I love this;
    I hope all guys feel this way. ^_^

  20. Livvie

    Omg! That sounds just like my boyfriend! Like no joke! Soo cute! And to everyone who’s reading it, guys like that are out there. I have one on the phone as we speak(:

  21. Ever

    Ok, this is wonderful. And I just want to say, I can’t STAND “bad” boys. They make me gag. “Good” boys instantly become super hot to me, especially if they love Jesus! 🙂 We need more of these

  22. MidoriLei

    Ever, I’m sure all the ‘nice guys’ who think they are finishing last wish they knew you!

  23. Rasik Rasul

    thats one of the best articles i have read recently on this problem thank you

  24. Ashley

    Ok.. Ok.. I you guys just started dating but you really like this guy and this guy really likes you but…… You want to hold his hand or hug him and he doesent? What do you do? Because i love him alot but… Idk!!! I love you B!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But its still really good!! I’m totally gonna do this!!!

    Love, Kk

  25. Adam

    A lot of the girls like this guy because they’re picturing Tommy Lee or Jonny Depp saying these things. Bad boys who “could” feel this way. However, most girls would never date THIS guy. He’s a bit weak and his behavior probably comes off needy. Girls hate needy guys. Sorry to burst the bubble. Just talking based upon dating experience.


    yeah i rily likes this article. GOOD JOB! its so hard to come up with things for both sexes to do 🙂 thanks!

  27. Bitter_one

    no women exist like this. Some of my best friends are girls and they NEVER understand that they date crap guys. I’m sorry, i’m sure some of you meet nice guys and date them without fuss. But for the majority you don’t. Like my friends and when they break their hearts, and leave you a crying depressed mess, I’m always here to tell them it will be okay and that they would have learned from it, and yet they never do. As a constant nice guy i’m quite frankly sick of watching nice girls get their hearts broken again and again and agin by the same type of guys.

  28. Snö

    Bitter one I know what you mean. I am a girl, I have a boyfriend and he’s so hot and cold. But if he was over sensitive I wouldn’t Luke it but it doesn’t mean I like bad boys. He’s far from bad, but it bothers me how hot and cold guys can be. Like one minute he”ll tell me I’m ” amazing” and such and then sometimes he seems bored with me and just sais he loves me ( we love each other but were not sure if were IN love yet) but sometimes it seems like he sais it because he feels obligated. Am I paranoid? Why am I so scared that if I tell him how I. Feel he’ll think I’m a pathetic, needy girl which I’m not. So you see even the nice guys make us cry and be a mess.

  29. JC

    I use to date jerks all of the time. Here are a couple of the reasons that I did.

    1. I didn’t feel that I deserved any better. I was sure that any really good guy would eventually see the real me and hate me as much as I hated myself.

    2. Growing up I learned that no one was nice to you unless they expected something from you. It was easy to figure out what jerks wanted. But I could never figure out what the nice guys wanted. I thought it must be something really big. Dating a nice guy made me feel really anxious because I was always waiting for them to demand something really huge from me. I was always waiting for them to drop a bombshell on me.

    3. Jerks will promise you the world because they never plan on keeping any of their promises. Growing up in an unhappy environment made me desperate to have the kind of happiness that they promised. I was an honest person and believed others were too. I paid more attention to men’s words than their actions.

    Basically, it comes down to the fact that dating jerks made me feel more comfortable because they are the kind of men that I grew up with and I knew what to expect from them. Dating nice guys made me feel very uncomfortable because I was always waiting for them to demand something of me or leave me for someone better.

  30. annie22

    umm are you single? you sound like the sweetest guy!!!!

  31. Gertrude

    “Somehow, I don’t think Nick’s dream girl exists. If a woman is very attractive she will get telephone calls at odd times of the night, she will come accros interruptions, they do get angry(’cause she has been hurt before, she was not my private discovery), they don’t care for nice guys, most nice guys are inexperienced, boring, and life is too short, compliments come to them several times a day, they don’t know who really means it, most women are highly attracted to men that don’t treat them right, etc……..”

    Okay, is this a guy talking? Because he is an idiot. No girl likes a guy that treats her badly, not for long anyway! So the first description would be a guy more girls like. That is, a realistic girl.

  32. miranda

    there should be more guys like you:)

  33. Izzy

    Thanks, this really helped me out alot.. =)
    I LOVE how straight up you said this. <3

  34. joa

    The problem is no girl believes that a guy like this exists…and the girls that guys like this want are never the girls that know they exist…if that makes sense…

  35. Bryauna

    This is article is making me cry right now!!!! its sooooooooo beautifuuuul! now this is my type of guy pleeeeasse marry me!

  36. mari

    I know there is guys out there that are like that , I know some , but those are the ones that are taken . I knew this guy once , he was so perfect and everything good about life . We liked each other and people could tell. I really liked him alot , but there was one problem. He wasnt cool . he wasnt popular. and he wasnt a bigshot jerk. my friends made fun of him and i went along with it , but it really hurt me inside. I had him right there , the best oppertunity of my whole life right in front of me, and i blew it because right when I was too blind to see him, I fell for somone else . Some one fake . A jerk that broke my heart. I only realized I loved him when I couldnt have him anymore because someone did. That is the only thing, the only thing in my whole life that I ever regret. Because im not a regretful person. But this was my fault , I lost the man of my dreams because he wasnt a hot shot. So girls please listen and understand, not going for a guy because of those resons is the biggest mistake youll ever make, please dont make my mistake. no one deserves a loss liket that. Just me .

  37. Katherine

    Dude, where have you been all my life!

  38. sara

    I’m 17 and I’m waiting for a guy like you to come along, it seems like only jerks like me… :((

  39. commonsense

    What guys really think “I’d care a lot more about your opinion if you stopped blogging and gave me a beej”

  40. Ehtel Harnos

    This is my first time I have visited your site. I found a lot of interesting stuff in your blog. From the tons of comments on your posts, I guess I am not the only one! keep up the impressive work

  41. Tiffany

    The guy who originally posted this sounds like a pu**y.

  42. Nammi

    soooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeee

  43. Nammi

    soooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  44. Haley

    This is so sweet =] and actually “your girl” is just like me, but there is this one guy that seemed so sweet and we were getting super close and he told me he liked me and I was cute and have an amazing smile and all this sweet stuff and then he just stopped talking to me =\ idk what happened, I really wish that this boy could have had your mentality. This is a good reminder not all guys are jerks like him =]

  45. emma

    WOW! what a relief to know that there are some great guys out there! I’d almost written all men off as total rats and accepted a future of ready meals for one. I get a lot of male attention and one thing i’ve come to realise is that the nice guys are normally either taken or to shy / respectful to make themselves known… u good guys should, the world would be full of so many more happier! single? live in london? hook up? haha

  46. Gabby

    I think that this is a really great article.
    I personally believe its touching and sweet.
    I can relate and I know many other people could as well.
    I also believe that for many of the responses or comments left here were like, “I use to date jerks,” yes, USED to.
    I believe that thinks in the past should be left in the past or they will haunt you forever!
    If the right guy has not come into sight, then be patient don’t overwhelm yourself. Guys are guys, girls are girls. Sooner or later someone will appear. Don’t get discouraged!
    In addition, many girls might say they get with me because of looks, but don’t girls do the same thing nowadays? Personally, boys guys and girls act the same way and if a relationship don’t work then it’s no one’s fault… It was just not meant to be.

  47. anonymous

    this is so true if only half these guys would follow what it says.

  48. cici

    do guys like it if a girl kisses them around their friends?

  49. MidoriLei

    cici, it depends on the guy:) you can ask him. Is he your boyfriend? Does he like PDA? (public displays of affection)

  50. cici

    yeah hes my boyfriend
    i think he does.. he said that he would kiss me in public.
    plus, when i kissed him i saw his friends out of the corner of my eye give him a thumbs up

  51. MidoriLei

    cici, sounds like he likes it:)

  52. hannahjulian

    i love it. my friends say that no guy could not right that.But i so believe it. my ex boyfriend thinks ur so not right and he even admets he would not ever do anything like that. I really wish there was a guy out there like that cuz i cant find any.

  53. Elizabeth

    I wish there were more guys like you. Guy like you are so rare! I do anything to meet a sweet, nice handsome gentleman like you! Jerks shouldn’t even exist!

  54. cici

    im so happy:) he kisses me everyday now <3

  55. Amber

    I was wondering…. Are you single? Cause you seem like the king of i need in my life.

  56. cici

    dont trust men… they allbreak your heart in the end

  57. Jaima

    um hi i think i love you 🙂 whats ur name and number

  58. Rachel

    Awww <3

  59. Ash

    I don’t know how I stumbled across this post but this this is the sweetest thing I have read. I would love to have a boyfriend as described here but its hard to find these days!

  60. Roxy:)

    Why aren’t there more guys out there like this ?? :'(
    And if anyone doesn’t like this, they have there virtual mouse stuck too far up they’re buttcrack -.-


  61. Antony Peeters

    I am really thankful to this topic because it really gives great information *–

  62. Jesseca

    THis made me feel better about the guys in the world. Thanks. IT made me smile to know i’m not the only one to think guys are sweet beyond words

  63. Ashley:D

    Wow, this really made me have a different opinion of boys. You sound so sweet, it definately made a wide smile spread across my face:) Thanks for writing this, it gave me some hope that I will eventually find a mature and decent guy. I was always afraid that if I didn’t have a certain breast size or didn’t have shorts that were on the verge of showing my butt, than I would never attract any guys, I never even knew that guys don’t prefer us wearing makeup! But this really expanded my opinions of guys and is one of the most sweetest things I’ve ever read.


    Cool post! Probably don’t account for 100% of the guys out there.. but it’s close! =)

  65. Jack

    There are guys like that. We’re just hard to come by…

    I think maybe “this sort of guy” is the “nice guy”…we rarely get noticed. In my experience, it’s the “bad boy” who tends to get all the attention…

    I read every one of these points and couldn’t agree more.

  66. Khayre

    For all the haters who are saying that it’s not possible, I actually have the honor of dating someone who is all that written above and then some.

  67. hannah julian

    To jack,
    It is true that the bad boy gets all the attention but that’s because we if we forgot them they would probaly kill themseves, because they need to be the center of attention. It will be okay cuz the girls that will get over themselves and figure out they like the nice guys just like i did and my friend.

  68. Cici

    You never really know what happens after love. It’s the worst when the perfect guy like this cones along and he is tht way for a long time but then he breaks your heart and bow he’s no longer the guy u loved. He’s a horrible immitatiob of himself.

  69. mimah

    one thing I didn’t like was the don’t talk about how cute some celebrate guy is in front of us, men ( nice and bad) do this all the time and we are told to get over it and stop being insecure, practice what you preach guys!

  70. Mc

    WOWWWW…. i’m waiting for my dream guy to be JUST LIKE THAT !!! weird how all they guys who’ve met me r such big jerks… even though i am very sweet with all of them…. !!!

  71. Ambar

    Itz an interseting page! 🙂 Glad to stumble in here..

    @JC.. agree totally to you! I went through the same..

  72. Nicole

    This is cute. Not sure where all these nice guys are but I’ll be waiting i guess :/

  73. Constance

    THIS IS AMAZING. I laughed out loud and went “Awww!” reading it. My chest got all swelly and tickly on the one about the hands and the cuddling. I loooove this.

  74. kayz

    Why can’t all guys be this way?

    It was soooo sweet

  75. mimah

    so I’ve been calling my man handsome and beautiful and he does seem very pleased by this so thanks for that one 🙂

  76. rosy101890

    i love this article if a guy achally likes me why wont he say it but thanks

  77. MidoriLei


    it may be because he’s scared of rejection… or he isn’t interested enough to take that risk of rejection…

  78. Sammy

    Cutest thing ever. If only more guys knew how to be a guy. Where have all the good men gone?

  79. Hopelessromantic

    Hey there! I would follow your things because this sounds super sweet but how old are you?? I mean it’s one thing to say that for like a 20 something guy and girl, but what if you’re a teen? Does it work? I’m crushing on this guy that idk would like me back and I want him to like me but I don’t know how to get his attention. Would this work for teens? What advice would you give for him to see me as more than that awkward girl who always smiles kind of funny when he’s around. HELP!

  80. Alisa

    that is awesom
    i really think its the best artical ive seen so far, really
    your the best
    never knew a guy like you existed!

  81. Zoe

    Unfortunately, while girls DO like nice guys, it’s hard for them to be seen as much more than a friend. We don’t notice it when nice guys like us. The nice guys are the Unlucky Friends, the ones who would jump in front of a bullet for this girl but are never recognized as date material. Also unfortunate is that girls will also complain to these guys about how her boyfriend doesn’t do this, doesn’t do that, both of which THE NICE GUY DOES. Yeah. It sucks.

  82. Nye

    How beautiful I love you and believe me that a word I don’t say often.

  83. lily

    um…u sound like u perfect kinda guy to be with…this is the bestest article writen!!! i wish there were dream guys like u where i livedddd !!

  84. tasha

    This is so sweet and i hate bad boys the quiet best friend is always the nicest
    I wish more guys were like this and if some really are like him then they they should act like this and they could have any girl they wanted <3

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  86. amy

    it’s nice to see that real men do exist. that they’re not all jerks and that there’s still a chance to find a prince charming out there and u dont have to keep kissing frog to find your principe azul. thank u very much i’ll keep ur words engraved in my heart forever>:D

  87. hunter

    I agree with you Zoe, thanks for saying that…

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  89. DevenMari

    that was soo good (: it made me think i wish my BF did all thatt and i wish he didnt think that hes the shit and leaves bruses on my arms when i walk away or unasdently look at other guys (: (: thankss

  90. Nat

    Well dang, I sure hope I meet a guy like this one day. Being 16, I don’t see much hope for my younger generation, here. XD

    Just to comment on what some people are saying in comments: I think the nice guy doesn’t get seen as more than a friend because girls just don’t notice he likes them. They know he’s nice to them and to people in general, so everything he does they just write off as him being their friend. I know I used to have a guy-friend that could have liked me for all I know, but we were so close I wouldn’t have noticed unless he decided to tell me or hold my hand or something. (Since he never did, well… I hope he didn’t like me, because he really was the nicest guy I’ve ever known and I’d hate to of missed him…)
    It’s actually a good thing, I suppose, because you want your boyfriend/husband to be your best friend, not just some guy who’s constantly telling you how sexy you are. (not saying he shouldn’t do that – but just that isn’t enough.) The only problem is that, until you are in a relationship, nice guys seem to often feel like they shouldn’t overtly express their feelings for the girl unless she’s shown it’s alright, but since their more subtle hints get lost in the friendship unless he just goes out and tells her, she has no idea. Since she doesn’t notice and just acts like friends, he’s scared to tell her his feelings because he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. Vicious cycle!

  91. Lexie

    Hey handsome. 😉 jk, marry me? Dead serious…

  92. nicolas

    I am a guy like this and my girlfriend love all this, but we are now so far away… I miss her so much and sometimes like she don’t care, we are not talking like before there is always some excuses school, she is busy, studying, don’t have time… she is saying that she miss me but she is not doing anything to find more time for me… all this is hurting me and like she is not aware of that :((( like she is not that sensitive and emotional girl from before…
    I don’t even know why I am writing here but I guess I just need to tell all this to someone…

  93. MidoriLei

    nicolas… sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder, sometimes it makes the heart… WANDER…

    Not saying this is the case, but you should straight up ask her if there is anyone she is currently crushing on…

    long distance relationships are hard work and it’s important that both parties know where they stand or if anyone else might be entering the picture.

    Tell her that you won’t get mad but that you just want her to be honest as you would do the same for her.

    if there isn’t another person she is into, ask her “What has changed between us?”

  94. Kayla Corrine

    This just gave me thee best advise ever!
    Your Great , (: ( Whoever Wrote This..! (: )

  95. klaze

    only bad guys get the most attention, girls take nice guys for fool and we are not even appreciated,you don’t value what you have until you loose it,
    I wish the girl am dating could feel my unconditional love for her…………………….

  96. yasmina

    i want to have a nice love story whit the guy how can understand me and knows the real me

  97. yasmina

    that’s what i want

  98. Julia

    Who are you and will you marry me??

  99. annie

    wow graet advise really YOU WONT EVER NOT HAVE A GIRLFRIEND !!! 😀

  100. sonny

    AWSOME now to do it ooooooooo help 😮

  101. Ange

    Hmm, the “nice, only-friend” guy seems a little bitter lol. It is true that nice guys don’t always get the attention they deserve, but that isn’t just girls’ fault. If you like someone, nice guys, take the step forward and let her know. If she rejects you, then try elsewhere. There are many girls out there, and you can’t let one or ten or twenty failures stop you from finding someone special. Give it a go!

    However, if you are experiencing unrequited love, there isn’t much you can do a lot of the time. You can’t force someone to be attracted to you, and that has nothing to do with being nice or not nice.

    Personally I like men who take initiative. My boyfriend is nice and takes initiative. He is a wonderful person and I love when he calls me beautiful. And he definitely likes when I kiss him in front of friends. 😉

    Cici, I hope you feel better. Don’t be afraid to feel all your feelings, even the ones that hurt.

    -Angie Chelle-

  102. seph-macllaraith

    Yet a guy whom is all that. Ok ladies when you meet this person don’t try to find hidden agendas. Don’t think he’s trying to hide something. He isn’t complicated he is only human. If your bitter from your past. Don’t go placing or judging him based on that. Just go with the flow as he will do daily. My gf has a ruff past and has a hard time with me. She has started to realize I really do love her. Ill drop more words later take care.

  103. seph-macllaraith

    When I said “she’s had a hard time with me”. I ment she don’t know how to understand cuz all she has known is being mistreated.

  104. Babygirl

    Hahhahaha this is great. But one question… do these guys really exist, if so where can I get one? 😀

  105. E.M.B.

    Ok man. i think i just fell in love! jk. i am so sick of all the guys thinking that they r too cool for manners. i mean, come on, be real. manners are so NOT overrated. i was looking for some answers about how a guy thinks and what i should do with my very complicated relationship. my bff and i both liked the same guy but i was nice and let her have her chance first. but when they broke up she ditched me. now i think god is giving me my chance with him, but i am so nervous. i don’t want to lose him as a best friend if we break up 2. please tell me! are guys ok with girls after break ups? and these tips were extreamly helpful. i cant tell you how many girls are thankful for this post! i read on another site that guys would give a left nut to know what a girl thinks. but im here to tell you that a girl would give up pretty much anything to know what a guy thinks. so i think i speak for all the girls out there that you sir are a life saver and thanks. plz, post more!

  106. Billy

    It on the football team,wrestaling team, in theatre and baseball team…i do not drink or smake but im not witha girl..the girl i like is two years younger than me but we talk till like 3 in the morning and we WERE going to get together but we cant ever find the time to hang out. ive called her cute and beautiful..she has said that im the best guys she has ever been with but i just recently found out she is getting together with another guy…..that guys is my best find….any addvice

  107. MidoriLei

    Billy, it doesn’t matter how well rounded u are, how many things u are involved in, if she doesn’t know she is on ur mind constantly , if you dont make it clear by verbalizing u like her, some other smuck is going to ask her out and leave u wondering why she never noticed u THAT way:( a wise woman protects her heart by not making assumptions of a man’s interests until he says point blank: I like u… Or I want to take u out on a date. Women need more than a compliment of beauty to know a man’s intentions. Y? Because a man may find someone attractive but not enough to ask them out. The asking out is the effort a woman needs to see to confirm there is something more. Basically she needs something to respond to. With a compliment the proper response is ” thank u” the response to “can I take u out on a date is “yes” or “no.” u have to take a risk otherwise ur intentions come out muddy and vague at best and or totally unnoticed at worst. It may not be too late… U just can’t rely on the woman finding the time to ” hang out.” ” hanging out” has nothing a woman can get excited about. It’s a “date” that women love to get ready for, a “date” that gets them excited! Ask her if the rumors are true… If she is really going out with ur best friend. And if she asks why ur asking, tell her because u have been dying to take her out on a proper date for the longest time and u are praying u havent missed ur chance! Good luck!

  108. harold

    hmm for the people saying where are theses men there in plain a nice guy.about 2 thirds my friends are women thay say i look nice a good person.but as facts go nice guys finish last .and where often the 2-3 choice for women think how that makes us fill :/…as it says no one ever gives us a chance.

  109. Billy

    That actually helps alot..Thank you.

  110. BRO

    Ok im currently trying to get with this girl. Ive told her that i like her and she has said that she likes me but she is a few years younger than me and her mother wont let her go out with me because for one im older than her and two she doesnt know me but the worst thing is im kinda afraid of screwing something up.

    im just wondering..should i try to get with her or just forget it

  111. Bee

    I agree with Adam, needy guys are a no go for me, and reading this article, he sure does sound cute, but it’s also really cliche’d and mushy. Weird.

  112. MidoriLei


    Have u tried to talk to her mom so she knows that ur a good guy and have good intentions? U can reassure her u will bring her home in time and that u won’t let anything happen to her. U can tell u really care for her. The key to winning in this situation is to get her mom to like u because the girl already likes u. And if u can win over the mom the girl will be really impressed

  113. MidoriLei

    Billy, ur welcome:)

  114. MidoriLei

    Harold, have u asked girls out on dates?

  115. harold

    yes..but after getting’r a good friend line and .your not what im looking for at the gets old…

  116. E.M.B.

    do you people hear yourselfs? girls with good intentions want boys with good intentions. just because your friends or crushes don’t find you interesting in THAT kind of way doesn’t mean that there isn’t a girl out there for you. if you don’t want to let her go then do what i did. i was his friend for a long time. i was the girl hecould come to if something was wrong or he just wanted to talk. and guess what i got out of it? HIM.
    being a nice person showed him that he could rely on me and trust me. now i have a nice guy to be with and i love it. jsut try it and see what happens.
    WARNING: i takes a lot of patience. but you don’t have to worry i you really like the person, then it will come naturally to you.

  117. MidoriLei

    harold, I’ll give you some sage advice from Davey’s comment on another post:

    “ask 100 girls out in a week or use a feeler on a 100 women, whatever just keep asking and don’t give a f**k about being rejected. It’s nothing. Rejection is not punishment, it’s a lesson. ”

    It’s a numbers game… don’t even let them get near enough to you to be your friend! That way they can’t say, “you’re a good friend.” and they can’t say “you’re not what I’m looking for at the moment” because they don’t even know who you are, and what you’re about.

    Meet NEW women. Don’t let them turn you into a buddy. If they want to be “just friends” read this article and apply:) omg THIS article is for you!

  118. E.M.B.

    ok first, girls love to be just friends. often times when a girl says that she wants to be friends with you, she still wants you in her life she just is not ready to be that way with you or it didn’t work out the way that one or both of you expected it to be. but i agree that rejection is not a punishment. and we don’t mean to hurt you and you probly don’t mean to hurt us, but that is the risk you take when you step onto a limb. and meeting new women is a good idea but don’t rule out the girl friend. she could like you and you have no idea. jsut be patient and wait it out and see what happens. you could be pleasantly surprised.

  119. random girl

    DUUUDE,you are the dream guy most girls are looking for (seriousley you are awesome ;)) but you should know that not all girls and guys have the same intentions as you (nice guy) , some people are just sickk lol
    anyway i loved the article it just made my day awww ‘sighh’

  120. Jane

    Awwhh<33 too cute!! I love this guy!! Haha:D

  121. Ella

    Aaaawwwwwwe!!!!!! Cutest thing I’ve heard in a while. You are a true romantic. <3 If I didn’t have a boyfiend already, I’d take you in a heart beat… no joke. 😛

  122. Phil

    Ok there is this girl…she is really beutiful, has a smile to die for and the cutest laugh ive ever heard..also gorgeous eyes and an addictive personality….she is basiclly the girl of my dreams….i have told her how i feel about her and she told me she feels the same but she started dating another guy…now we are still friends but i just wanna know where i went wrong….her “boyfriend” wouldnt even take her home one night when it was 42 degrees out and raining (the bad thing is he has a car and i dont) so i walked her home and gave her my coat to wear all the way there (so i was in my teeshirt and soaking jeans).. some friends and i went out to eat together and i bought her dinner because her “bf” didnt have enough money for it (he actually got paid that afternoon..i know this because i work at the same place doing the same job)…….i would do anything for this girl..i got in a fist fight with my friend because he was bad mouthing her…..i mean i truelly think im in love with her and i know thats a cliche but its true……any advice???

  123. MidoriLei


    I would ask her why she’s dating him and not you. I mean, you told her how you feel about her, but did you ask her out on a date? Also, I would read these two articles:

    don’t be the nice guy who finishes last:

    And don’t take the friend route at all costs:

  124. Phil

    Well i dont have the money to take her anywhere truelly special but i make time to do things with her… over halloween me and her went to a pumpkin patch and i let her choose what we did (like corn maze and pumpin carving)..went to see a movie with her……but none of it was a real date because she had her boyfriend…..she look at it as two friends hanging out…and i dont want to ask her why because im scared she will get mad and ide loose any chance with her

    i know i cant be the nice guy if i want to have any oppertunity but thats who i am

  125. E.M.B.

    i agree that you should ask this girl on a date when you get a good chance. but i think you seem like an amazing guy. keep charming her the way you have. she will come around. you dont want to be the guy that drives her away. most girls get tired of “the cool guy” act. just be you and if she doesn’t love you for you then she is missing out on a great guy. =’) dont give up on her yet. she has already told you that she feels the same way about you so that translates that she is waiting on you being the best friend who will be there for her as a boyfriend when she needs you to be. ask her how she feels and be nice if she doesnt need you that way yet. she will be greatful that dispite your feelings you are willing to wait for her and be her friend first. tell her that. good luck man.

  126. david

    lol that discribes me but im shy……looks like ill never get a girl……..

  127. Wheta Karen

    awww what u said i liked it alot, it used to be that way with my ex but unfortunately most guys dont know what they got til its gone but im young and being single isnt so bad, sometimes i wish it could be as simple as u made it sound but sometimes its hard for girls to trust guys becuause they have been screwed over by so many and i try to believe what a guy says if he gives me evry reason to trust him but even guys that have never given me any hint of that he would play me dirty ended up playing me dirty so for now i guess ill just chill on relationships and wait n c what happens

  128. Phil


    Thank you for what you said but do you really think that she is waiting on me?? because ive been waiting on stepbrother said i should give her some time to realize what she means to me……so do u think i should ask if she truelly feels the same way or just let it take its course… appreciate it if u write back


    dude one thing about being shy is it truelly sucks….im not trying to be mean but you need to come out of your shell and if there is a person you like then ask them to go on a date with you……you dont have to take them to a five star restarant but let them get to know you better and it will help you get to know them…..just give it a try and write back ASAP

  129. Summer

    Oh my gawd!! MARRY ME <3

  130. Phil

    A big thanks to eveybody who helped me……thanks to you guys i have the girl of my dreams and its been fantasic with her….im meeting her parents tomarrow so i hope that goes well but like i said thank you and i hope this work out between you and your significant other

    good luck guys

  131. Shelby

    Aaww ths article is so swit.i cn tel u r one hel of a gud lova who undastands wat luv’s o u hav a brother n is he lyk u?

  132. Shelby

    Aaww ths article is so lovely man!i cn tel u r one hel of a gud lova who undastands wat luv’s o u hav a brother n is he lyk u?

  133. bryanstyles1

    dr is diz lady i met on d intrnet we r so much in love n am a graduate avin my national youth service.she made a confesion that she was dating someon b4 she met wit me,n nw dat she is in love with me she does not wnt to loose me n told me she is stil in love wit diz order guy.i dnt wnt to loose her too coz my parent already knw her.she has come to spend d weeken at my place trice

  134. bryanstyles1

    d guy is a footballer n am a graduate.d guy is from another tribe,we r 4rm d same tribe.jst diz 30th she cald me n told me she do spend new yr wit him that he already kal her.n she wil b goin to his place on d 31st n i told her my kalin her wil b restrictd n she said yes.he has bin wit diz guy since on d 31st dec -3rd jan 2012,she even has at d bak of her shirt a nickname comprisin of her name n d guy name coz i once ask her wats d meanin

  135. bryanstyles1

    n she told me evrytin d they she made d confession.lately dat she is wit him she wil only beep my line letin me knw she is online.we wud chat 4 lyk 2hr,i wil tel her aw much she meant to me she wil also tel me aw much i meant to her.she does that wen d guy is asleep.recently durin our coz of chatin one afternoon i ask were is he n she said he is right in front of him dt they r gistin,wen i ask abt wat,she says nofin much.dat its jst normal gist

  136. bryanstyles1

    dat i shud trust her n put my mind at rest.last evening she told me they r at a bar wch i knw as a swimming pool of wch she nevr knew i knw dat place.on d day of her confesion she said d guy as bin dr 4 him,dat he has nt done anytin to offend her.she even told him d guy bought her some dress to tak her out.she luvs me n she loves d guy,nw i am so confuse,coz i wnt a 1 on 1 relationship

  137. bryanstyles1

    i already told her abt evry intrnet social acc dat i quit them jst to b wit her.she those not want to loose n neither do i want to loose her.n nw dat they r together.i wondr d kind of discusion they wil b avin,n her bin in his arms at night.damn i dnt tink i cn face it in d real life.seein someone i love n someone else arms.she love me so much bt she does nt knw aw to end it wit d former guy

  138. bryanstyles1

    another tin we r age mate(22) am feb 1 she is jul 20,dat oda guy is 27yr old.i dnt knw wat her luv as done to me coz we r deeply in love wit each oda…i jst cant get it of my head knowin he love someone n now she is divertin d love towards me,n aw am i sure she is realy divertin d love towards me.pls hear me out.i nid ur advice augently

    • MidoriLei


      Please read this article:

      Being the Guy on the Side
      Also, I would suggest, as hard as it is to do, that you STOP seeing her. You have to prove through your actions and words that you’re not the kind of guy that’s going to share your woman. THAT is the respectable thing to do. To respect the other guy and to respect yourself. If you stick around, you are just proving to her that you are a man a woman can walk all over. IF she can’t respect you because you don’t respect yourself, you will NEVER gain her true love.

      As much as you like her, remember this: SHE IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY.

      If she is doing this to her man, she is NOT LOYAL.

      Eccleciates 7:26

      Here is wisdom:

      26 I find more bitter than death
      the woman who is a snare,
      whose heart is a trap
      and whose hands are chains.
      The man who pleases God will escape her,
      but the sinner she will ensnare.

  139. E.M.B.

    congrats to you phil! i hope everything is still going great. and now i have a question for you guys. i am getting a lot of pressure from everyone about how to be a good gf. i dont want to let him down by not being what he and his family expect of me. i am affraid that this pressure will drive us appart but i still REALLY like him. this is my first relationship and his family is kinda crazy, and not really in a good way. they are full of put downs and are always on me about how i really dont like him. but i do i am just really shy wen it comes to public display of affection. any ideas?

  140. P-trick

    Hey. I agree with this post. I am more of a laid back teen that hangs around his two best friends. I am so busy that I don’t have time to get a girl. Whenever I get some free time I ethier build something extremely amazing, or busy at a prank, but not one that is to bad. I go to a Christian school, and believe in God. I have most of the points above, and brush mean jokes off my shoulders like it never happened. Their are a lot of jerks at my school. If someone asked me to say five first names I would. I wish the girls at school would stop going after their ex-boyfriends that just broke their heart. Its so messed up.

    -Trick W.

  141. Maddie

    Listen. Im not asking you to marry me or be my boyfriend. Thats just kind of weird. But thanks for writing this article. It means a lot. I hope what you say is true. For what its worth, hope the right girl is out there for you. 🙂

  142. E.M.B.

    ok. here is one for all the guys…
    if you havent already figured it out, girls are very fickle creatures. and high school girls are the worst kind of all. and ill let you in on a little secret. when you ask what girls want. you should know that WE dont know. we just expect things to happen in our favor and wen it doesn EVER work out that way most of us thro a fit. most of us are just looking for drama and are deterimined to make things the way we want. i once read “you are not reacting the way you did wen i acted out this conversation in my head….stop it.” let them screw themselves up and trust me you can do better if they dont like you. wait for someone who will love you for just being you. good luck!

  143. Chadwick C Chenoweth

    All what he said is realy nice but he is leading all the nice guys to failer. i don’t know why girls pick the bad guys but nice guys who will treat you good and wont treat you bad and they do care for you and why do girls want to leave them just becaus there not interesting and that realy hurt’s win girls leave just for that reason but nice guys just want to give love and they want love back but if there not geting love back it make them sad but thay wont stop loving you intal there is no love there win there is nothing going on between the two and as soon he see’s you with the other guy he wont know what to do and brake down. so dont follow this guys words because i know this ant true it hapins to me all the time and i love them with all my heart and i do nice thangs for thame and care for them and i confort them win there feeling down and i just dont know what to say i do every thang to keep us to gether i do every thang a girl need in a love life and they end up leaving me and i do so care for them with all my heart but im not sure how much my heart can give out love eny longer a heart can only give out so much love intall there is no more love in there. like a flower that needs water the flower can be healthy as can be with water but with out water it wont be healthy and it wont show its beauty and it will die off if not watered.

  144. E.M.B.

    im sory to hear that these girls are treating you wrong. that just means that you are too good for them and they are missing out on a great guy. sometimes it is best to still be nice, but not wear your heart on your sleeve until you have found the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with,and make sure she does to before you put your heart out on a limb. however, i know it hurts to have your heart crushed, but that is how you know that you have one. hope that helps.=)

    • MidoriLei


      that was really sweet. I’m sure Chadwich can be encouraged by your sincere response.

      Chadwich, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing your heart on your sleeve. But go after multiple women until one wants to be exclusive, so you don’t get oneitis, as many dating coaches call it. It’s when you’re too into a girl that you become needy, clingy and that is unattractive.

  145. Vickie

    This describes my boyfriends except for the last bit.

    If I want to hold hands, I grab his hand. If he wants to hold my hand, he grabs it and holds on tight.

    When he wants to cuddle, wraps his arms around me and pulls me in for a hug. I don’t have a chance to wish we were cuddling because when we’re together I’m always in his arms.

    When we’re watching movies we cuddle, enough said. If it’s in the theater we’re holding hands the whole time.

    We tell each other on a daily basis just how deep our feelings for each other are. After he tells me he loves me, he kisses away my fears. When I tell him I love him, he holds me and doesn’t let go.

    We’ve never laid under the stars, but I don’t think we need to. When we go out together, even though he hates PDA, he’s not afraid to kiss me in front of the the world.

    True love does exist, have hope girls.

  146. gothpimp

    I figured I’d put in my own thoughts on this particular subject since it intrigues me, and is truly how most guys want to feel about the woman they’re with. I myself am a nice guy with a bad boy complex. In other words I’m a musician. An artist if you will, and so my personality shines a truthful light on both ideas. Yes as someone had already said, girls do like bad boys, and yes again, girls like that sesitive, nice, down to earth guy. No matter what you d guys, always show that you are confident. Without confidence you will have no hope in getting the girl you have your mind/heart set on. Also girls have this wonderful ability to read subtle hints, and it wouldn’t hurt for you to familiarize yourself with the hints they throw out for us as well. So dress nicely, showe, look, and smell good. If you put the effort in your appearance, they’ll put the effort in getting to know you if they’re interested in you. I personally, as you can tell by my display name; am goth. Its just a style, not a lifestyle. I dress in all black, sometimes get shocking for a night of fun, but nothing too crazy, and I have had what some call a preppy girl interested in me. It wasn’t my style that made the attraction. It was my confidence. All you gotta do guys is talk to them. Be your natural nice self, but show confidence too.

    • MidoriLei


      EXACTLY. well said. I agree 100%. It’s all about confidence and having the guts to approach women, and looking your best! Thanks for sharing!

  147. alex

    hello my name is Alex i am frm Washington have a story similar to your friend Clara. my wife of almost 3 years said the exact same thing, that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to be with me, and after 10 days, moved out. We have a son together and that complicates things further. Luckily, I haven’t been hysterical and freaking out like I normally would. I know that will only push her further away. my days of not seeing her it feels like absolute hell. she came back to get her stuff and to talk to me and she said she would still be there for me. I don’t know if it was out of being truly genuine or because of our son. I truly love this woman, I know I want to spend the rest of my life with her. and the biological factor is so true. we’ve had our ups and downs but when it came down to it, we always kissed and made up. I honestly don’t know what happened, as far i was concerned i would do everything to bring her back to me.along the line i was happy for brigs which introduce me to a spell caster men this temple is magical,good and sweet truly she is back to me she inside right now i was just ask to follow up some steps by the temple and 6 days later Gina come begin that she dint know what came over her,i accept her quickly for she is my hearth viewers in this blog should help me thank the grate temple.

  148. P-trick

    Alot of good points. Just be yourself. Its the easiest thing to do, and u don’t have to lie your way through a relationship.

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  150. tsering choenyi

    this is so damn true !!
    girls should def ditch the lame guy apology and move forward. There are million fish around & can find her nemo again.
    there are lines that thrills me though (:
    thanks for whoever the person behind it. helps me pretty much.
    hearts from India

  151. Lindsey

    I love this 🙂 enough said

  152. Adam

    This is a funny and interesting post. I definitely agree with the part where girls run up to guys and jump on them without introducing us men. That just makes the female look bad and embarrasses us guys as we stand there feeling stupid. Some girls need to show a little more maturity.

  153. E.M.B.

    I have to agree with that. Lots of girls need to grow up and realizes that they r just making themselves look like a moron. They don’t look heard a few saying in the last couple days that apply: common sense isn’t so common anymore. And scientists said the world was made up of electrons and neutrons… they forgot to mention morons.

  154. Yuliya

    You know this really helped cause theres a guy i like in school and well you know the rest…. 🙂

  155. Yuliya

    Now i do that i dont hvae to be pretty to make him like me

    • MidoriLei


      Guys are still very visual. That being said, beauty and “pretty” is in the eye of the beholder. Just make sure you present yourself in the best way you can, naturally.

  156. E.M.B.

    pretty is what you are, beauty is what you do with it

  157. E.M.B.

    I always liked that saying and it helps in situations that you wouldn’t think it could. Its not always about boys, but your self esteem.

  158. McKenzie

    I Wnt to a seminar a while back and the speaker said “when u look a a rainbow and say wow God made that! It is so beautiful! U need to look in the mirror and say the same thing.”

    What I took away from that gave me a sence of peace and reason, if somebody doesn’t like the way u r then they don’t deserve u because, as a wise man once said, ” God doesn’t make a no good anything!”

    Now what I tell myself when I feel… Not as pretty as I want to is ‘ if u look in the mirror and look for only ur flaws, that’s all u will ever find. But if u look in the mirror for all ur beauty then u will find nothing more than who u really r!”

  159. Janet

    I would love a guy like this. I have dated both the “bad boy” and the “good boy”, and I have had broken hearts by both of these kind. I’m always told ” You are a great woman, I just don’t love you like that”. So it’s not only the nice guys who get looked over, but the nice girls also. With the “bad boy” atleast you know what to expect. It’s the “good boys” I am a little bit more weary about. So I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but hopefully, I will find someone who “loves me like that”.

  160. Janet

    No, I am usually the shy type until I get to know someone. I try not to be what people call “clingy” though I am an affectionate person. I am not talking about affection in the bedroom. I am talking about hugging, holding hands and just liking one another’s company.

    • MidoriLei

      Janet, you will find someone who will “love you like that.” 🙂 I am glad you are hopeful because in time, God will reward your patience and faith. p.s. I’m affectionate too! My hubby loves it. I know some guy out there will appreciate that quality you have.

  161. Paula

    Seriously – what type of women do you, I think you might need to expand your horizons

  162. Paula

    Seriously, what type of women do you date? Generalise much? Also if you don’t care what they wear and how dressed up they are and how come I never see a guy hit on a girl who does come into a bar in jeans t-shirt and runners with no make up.
    Your such hpocrites

  163. Isabella


  164. h.b

    hi.i read article and i just want to say that we men love women who have more self confidence and they are at first place for dating.thanks for your article man, that not say all of things but good for girls that wants to have a primary knowledge of our unknown side!

  165. Lily

    Thanks a lot nick really good tips this will really help

  166. Lily

    Thanks a lot nick really good tips this will really help Me with this guy I really like

  167. RudeBoy05 gives tips on simular topics and a great review of an awsome book that is well recommended.

  168. april

    The author of this article gets it! I do use handsome all the time to my dearest friend and first love! Confidence is very attractive and we as women need to believe in ourselves more often. Live everyday as if it was your last and love freely! the world is what you make it and beauty lives all around us:-)

  169. Ella

    I know these (nice guys) are out there somewhere… But where might I find them? Is the puzzeling question. Anonymous that honestly almost sounds like fantasy. It is verry hard to find guys who have the slightest clue of knowing what to do in situations like these. It’s good to know at least one guy knows what he’s talking about.
    But seriously, where are you nice, sweet, wonderful handsome guys hiding?

  170. E.M.B.

    Ella I so agree with u!!! I thought I found one but he was just saying what I wanted to hear. He wasn’t serious about any of it.

  171. Mercy

    I dont know whatta do. i try to win a guy’s love yet don’t want to love him. is anything wrong wif me?

    • MidoriLei


      What do you mean? It sounds like you want the attention of men but are afraid of the commitment? What do you think?

  172. Lisa Shield

    Way to go, Nick! Excellent advice. You sound like a hellofaguy. Wish there were more out there like you. Love the line about “Don’t tell us we’re wrong. We’ll stop trying to convince you.” And the one about not using magazines and the media as our Bibles. I’m married but I we could sit down and chat sometime. Dont’ worry, my husband is a confident guy. He wouldn’t mind. 🙂

  173. flyinghigh

    I may not be too smart, good looking, or loaded with money, but I am a great boyfriend. I do a ton for my woman but I feel I get the bare minimum in return. It is like she is only interested in me when neither her friends or family is available. And even then she does the bare minimum to show she even slightly interested in me even though we have been together a bit over two months. I hope it is all in my head. But I am going to be POd if I am being played. I just feel like she needs to put in more effort. I really, really, really, like her. Should I wait it out? Or move on?

    • MidoriLei


      I think you should speak the truth in love. I think you should sit down with her and tell her how you feel. Tell her you don’t feel like you’re being prioritized. Ask her if she feels like you are meeting her needs. Who knows, maybe she is feeling the same way. It’s possible that you’re both feeling this way. The key is communicating without placing blame. Focus on how you feel, and don’t attack her. See how she responds. No need to “move on” without even clearing the air as to what exactly is going on. And most people are oblivious that they have hurt you. Most people wouldn’t want to hurt you intentionally. So seek her out, and look to share your response instead of focusing on her actions.

      Hope that helps!

  174. Ray


    If what you’re looking for is serious relationship then you should try classes. Take short courses on whatever your interest is, hopefully you can find single guys with the same interest. Avoid clubs and bars! But make sure your interest is hetero friendly, like photography or cooking, not fashion design or flower arranging. Good Luck.

  175. Sengehalmen

    I don’t know if you’re just lifting yourself up! I don’t know and I don’t care! Anyway… Nice article… Very well said! ^^ But if this kind of guy exist, I’ll do anything to be with him. 🙂

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