Update on Why I’m Back (Just for anyone curious)

Helloooo readers.

I’m back to writing.

Thank you for hanging in there during my sabbatical.

I’ve decided.

Enough is enough.

I need to focus on ONE thing and get really good at it.

No more deviating.

FOCUS is the key to success in anything.

And I find I’m helping a lot more people writing on this blog than parading around in outfits. My older brother/business mentor told me, “If you want to do business, you gotta focus on REALLY helping people.” And he’s right.

So I’ve given it all up, the fashion and beauty blog, dreams of opening up an eyebrow salon (could I really see myself doing eyebrows and only eyebrows for all of my days?), dreams of being a fashion designer, a makeup artist, and all the other would be ventures, to focus on one thing: Being a writer.

Okay, I lied.

And a filmmaker. (The two can go hand in hand right?)

My little brother always jokes about my career ADD.

“You could be in China next year!” he says, poking fun at my indecisiveness.

It’s 10:26, and my bedtime is usually around 7:30 or 8, so I’m up pretty late tonight.

You know, I always thought that I wanted to get out of the 9-5 grind.

Early on, I decided that I didn’t want to be a teacher because I didn’t want to “take my work home.”

Well, the joke is on me.

If you’re a creative person or entrepreneur, (does anybody ever type that word without having to go back and rely on auto spell check?!) you know what I’m talking about.

Entrepreneurs not only “take their work home,” their businesses are always in their minds.

Everyone is a potential client or prospect.

It’s gotta be maddening sometimes.

And then there are us creative folks.


If we ever manage to actually convince other people to pay us for our creative talent, we embark on a journey that, like the entrepreneur, gets our minds working way beyond the 9-5.

It’s that stinkin’ muse.

That spark of inspiration that doesn’t always show up when you’re sitting in front of the computer at 9 am in front of a perfectly ready, perfectly blank page.

Sometimes it shows up in the middle of traffic. (A lot of times actually)

And, as is the case of this writing, it shows up when you’re trying to get some zzzzs.

I mean REALLY?

The “muse” doesn’t understand bad timing.

I actually think it’s God being funny.

Is that wrong for me to think that?

I mean, I think that God doesn’t deal in a realm of time and space.

There is no space that his presence cannot penetrate, no boundaries he cannot cross.

And the same thing goes for time.

He has always been and always will be.

Such a hard concept to grasp for a mere mortal who only has 24 hours to work with every day, and less than a century to get it all done.

But you know, when God shows up, to inspire you, you want with every bit of your being to capture that divine spark of inspiration because you know all too well that when it’s just you doing your thang, it’s never going to be THAT good.

You need to be infused with inspiration.

And when it happens, no matter what time it does happen, that’s when your work takes on the most meaning, when things just flow from fingertips to blank page, gushing out of you with ease, and why would you want to silence that, even if it is at an inconvenient time?

In that moment, you are just the vessel, which both humbles you and gives you a taste of something divine.

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ted Talk inspired this post. You can watch her speech here:

Are you a creative person or an entrepreneur? Can you relate? Or, do you work the 9-5? Do you love or hate it? I’d love to know.

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  1. Ayokunle Falomo

    Thanks for returning. I did miss getting your emails in my inbox, but I’m glad you’re back now. Everything you said about focusing on one thing, and doing that one thing well is helpful for me in my own creative pursuits as well. Thank you. And yes, that TED talk is awesome! I’ve watched it at least twice now. (And oh, I got invited to attend TEDxHouston event on November 3rd)

    • MidoriLei

      Ayokunie Falomo,

      Thank you for your kind words. It’s a bit of a mixed emotions to be back, honestly. It feels like a failure giving up on something else, do you know what I mean? And my vanity likes the aesthetic pursuits. I’m praying about my struggles with that. What are your creative pursuits, can I ask?

      That’s so cool that you got invited to the Ted talks in Houston!

  2. Ayokunle Falomo

    Glad you asked. I’m thinking about publishing at some point. Like yourself, I am a writer. I write mostly non-fiction (articles) and poetry. About the giving up on something else issue, I guess there will always have to be a tradeoff of some sorts.

    • MidoriLei

      Ayokunie Falomo,

      That is so great that you’re a writer as well. What non-fiction subjects do you like to write about? If you’re interested in publishing on this website, I’d love to review a guest post (related to relationships of course). You can read about how to submit guest posts here.

      Also, I’m curious. Have you had to give up anything to pursue your writing? (was there a tradeoff of some sort?)

  3. Ayokunle Falomo

    Strangely, a year later (exactly too!)…

    I was google-ing myself and came across this. Re: tradeoff, I wrote this in 2011 (it’s not exactly a tradeoff, but somewhat in that vein) : http://aewhyoh.blogspot.com/2011/03/lost-found.html

    And guess what, MidoriLei? Re: TEDxHouston, last year I had the chance to attend as an audience member (but sadly couldn’t!) but this year, I was one of the presenters (I was there for a poetry performance!) So interesting what can happen withing the space of a year. Thought I’d share with you 🙂

    While I don’t write about relationships, I do about dreams though, here at http://ofdreamsanddeeds.wordpress.com/ I’ll be glad if you stop by 🙂

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