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tunnel vision

The kind of love stories I hear from people, mostly women, are stories of how they fell in love with someone they least expected. Someone not their type. A friend they never considered romantically. Someone even completely opposite of what they had been looking for. I’ll call him the peripheral man: the man a woman doesn’t focus on.

Call me idealistic, unrealistic, or hopelessly waiting for a man who doesn’t exist, but I believe that there’s a reason why I’m looking for a certain kind of person. That reason is because deep down, I truly believe that person exists and he exists to be with me. I believe that the flip side is true as well, that he’s looking for me too and that I exist to be with him. Crazy huh?

In a world of unexpected love connections, is it wrong for me to hold out for what I expect? Is it wrong to have focused tunnel vision and avoid dating the peripheral men in my life?

Seriously, does anyone ever end up with who they expect?

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  1. indiehead

    I had to stop and think about the last question because it kind of stuck to me. In reality I really don’t know… but I also don’t want to let the guy who happens to be meant for me to just slip away. Wait though, isn’t that the point if them being your “peripheral”?

  2. MidoriLei

    hmmm… I actually ended up with my type! crazy… i guess every person’s path is different. the guy I married… well, he caught my eye the moment i saw him in high school.

    point is though, that I really think you’ll end up with whoever you’re supposed to be with whether they were the main focus/attraction or a peripheral guy… the planets will align:) lol

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