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Top 10 Fall Date Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

If you are in a state with seasons (I am in Texas, and there are 2 seasons…hot and hotter…with a day of cold thrown in to confuse our immune systems), then there is a cozy and comforting feeling when fall arrives. It’s not blizzard weather yet, but just crisp enough with a change of scenery to put a smile on your face as you slide your arms into your favorite fall jacket and wrap a snug scarf around to add that polished look.

Oh, how I love fall attire. It starts hitting 85F and I start eyeing my sweaters and coats like they hold the key to happiness. But I digress.

With this wonderful change in season, comes new and seasonal fun opportunities to take her out. Here are my top ten fall date ideas that won’t break the bank and will melt her heart.

1. Pumpkin patch, Carve Pumpkins and Roast Pumpkin Seedsfall date ideas How cute would it be to pick out pumpkins together? Walking and talking. Snapping and adorable candid shot of her that you can send her later to flirt with her. Maybe an easy dinner somewhere close by after? Or a pumpkin spice (yes, I am on that bandwagon!) before hand.

Date number one can easily lead to date number 2, or be extended into an evening event. If you pick one pumpkin for both of you, you can work as a team to carve it together. Nothing quite like team work to bring a people closer! AND as a delicious bonus, you can scrape out the seeds, wash them and bake them! Here is an easy and quick recipe.

2. Smores!
A campfire, bonfire, fire pit or even fire place. There is nothing as fun and delicious as making your own smores!

3. Leaves Changing Color fall date ideas
This one won’t really work in the South, but you Northerners have it made. Find any local park with trees and go for a leisurely stroll. I still remember my trip to DC in November. I spent hours walking and jogging to admire the beauty of God’s creation. The vibrant colors changing, fading into something soft and muddled. Don’t take this for granted, enjoy the change of seasons.



4. Fall Festival
Local Churches usually have some type of Fall festival instead of Halloween. Look one up online and take her. It will probably be geared to kids, but if you put the right fun spin on it, it is an absolutely adorable dream date. Hayrides, cute little games, roasted corn. What’s not to love?

5. Hot coco
Of course mine would be coffee with pumpkin spice, but there is something about hot coco on a crisp fall day that makes me swoon. Find a laid back coffee shop and meet up for a delicious drink in the morning or afternoon to get some fun into both of your days.

6. Football Game
Now, I am not a football fan (don’t shoot me and please keep reading) but watching any type of athletic event is fun if the people I am with are into it. If she likes football, take her to a fun sports bar to bond over tackling and touch-backs to watch her team.

If you are still connected to your high school football Almamater, take her to the homecoming game. Take her on a trip down memory lane and let her know things that mattered to you as a kid. (Please don’t let this be a first date. I loved getting to know where my boyfriend grew up at, but we had been dating a few months at this point, or it would have come off as narcissistic.) Or do you have a family member that plays? A young cousin or nephew? Take her to one of their games. I would love this! I would feel like you want me to be a part of your life and like I was special because I was meeting some of your family.

fall date ideas7.  Picnic
Pack a picnic with blankets and a thermos of hot coco for your nature walk. Sit down and stare into each others eyes. Tell each other about  your motivation and dreams, then make her laugh so hard she spits her sip of hot coco out.




8. Do a 5K Together
Running, walking, jogging…whatever the 2 of you prefer, how fun would it be to do a fall themed 5k?! It would have both of you enjoying the outdoors and exercise creates a bond between people. Think of sports teams, it’s not just stereotype that they have a bond, it’s science as shown by this journal article. Moreover, this article in psychology today tells us that people who exercise together fall for each other, or if they are already together it improves their happiness and satisfaction in the relationship as well as their efficiency at exercise.

9. Seasonal Events
Google what your city or town has going on for the month. Find something unusual and fun.

10. Cuddle Date
Guys. This one might be a hard pill to swallow. But make a bowl of popcorn. And…find the Hallmark channel. Don’t play on your phone or check the latest score, but pull her closer to you and snuggle under a blanket while you watch a couple magically fall in love with all the pieces slowly fitting together in their puzzle. Hallmark has so many themed movies for every season. I thought it was boring and sappy, but my cousin was relentless in her love of them. So, I gave it a chance and now I can’t get enough of these adorable feel good movies.

Most of these dates encourgae conversation and getting to know each other better. If you are worried about conversation hitting a lull and not knowing how to pick it up, check out this article from the New York Times. Read the questions and remember a few of them to help move the conversation along. It will help you to get to know each other better, even if you have been dating for a while. (If you are interested in a scholarly read, you can find the original journal article here.)

So, take advantage of fall. Enjoy her company.  Cuddle up with the coziness of the season and enjoy the many blessings that fall brings. Cheers to fun dates and perfect fires.fall date ideas

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