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Top 10 Christmas Dates

Christmas…Oh that beautiful time of year, full of cheer, good tidings and potential for romance.

Here are my top 5 favorite Christmas themed dates

1. Christmas Lights

Look for events to walk and enjoy the lights, or drive through a fancy neighborhood.  En

joy the creativity and take a few pics of each other and together to remember the night.

Christmas dates

2. Christmas Tree Shopping

Whether it be real or fake, take your special girl, or potential love interest with you to find that perfect tree for the season.



3. Decorating the Christmas Tree

Imagine it: Hot coco, a warm fire in the fire place, Christmas classic music playing in the background.  The perfect evening.  It can be finished up with a cuddle on the couch and Christmas classic…Die hard anyone?

4. Ice Skating

Showing off your clumsy or athletic side will endear her to your heart one way or another.Christmas Dates

5. Volunteer Together

Find a local organization collecting items for children in need or for the homeless.  Figure out some items in your price range and drop off times.  Take her with you to pick them out, wrap them and deliver them.  Follow up with dinner or a dessert shop for something delicious.

Or, walk pets at a local pet shelter.

6. Bake Christmas Cookies

From scratch. Yes, using flour, eggs, sugar…not in a package. And decorate them with frosting for extra fun and mess.  What to do with your artistic masterpieces? Take them to homeless shelters, nursing homes, fire stations, neighbors, friends, teachers, postmen/women.  You name it, they’ll take it.

A pet fan? Google recipes for pet cookies and make those instead!

7. Hallmark Movie Date

This may by my sappy preference, but if my man were to plan a Hallmark movie night cuddled up on the couch with hot coco, popcorn, and the Christmas tree lights glowing,  my heart would melt.

If she’s not into sappy, predictable and perfect then find some holiday classics to cuddle up to!

8. Date Project

With the holidays coming, she may have family coming into town.  I’m sure she will want things to be perfect before they arrive. Things always need to be fixed around the house.  Ask her if there is something you could help her fix, or try and figure out how to fix it together.

9. Christmas Pageant 

Find a Christmas pageant at a local church and go worship and enjoy the program together.

10. Christmas Shopping

Let’s face it, if it is not online, it’s become more of a chore than something enjoyable.  Make a list of 1-2 people each that are hard to shop for and tackle the task together.  Give yourself a set time-frame and get those hard to decide on presents out of the way.  Then reward yourself with food!

Take advantage of these seasonal dates to get to know the woman you are interested in.  Ask about her, her family, her friends, her interests, her passions and motivations.  Use the yule tide greetings to draw each other closer together.  A little mistletoe never hurt either…


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