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This is What They Never Tell You About Love, Guys, and Sex

My best friend, the previous author of this blog, just launched her first book! In its first week as of April 19, 2021, it has already hit the #1 spot for new releases in the teen and young adult dating category on Amazon!

This book is for any middle or high school girl you love. It teaches them how to guard their hearts and bodies. If you want to help them build confidence, teach them that not chasing after boys is an option, and that waiting to have sex is also an option, this book is for them.

*Also if you buy the book, just a heads up that the book assumes the reader already understands not only the mechanics of sex but also the mechanics of what happens during foreplay. Basically, this book assumes that girls have already had “the talk” in detail.

Some illustrations from the book:

You can check out the book here!

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