The Thing about Beauty

In a blog about dating, I talk about beauty sometimes because it’s something that all women strive for in an effort to attract the opposite sex. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the pursuit of beauty. I think that beauty is so misunderstood. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a good thing.

I believe every woman possesses it BUT I think that sometimes it’s hard for a woman to see it herself, and sometimes it’s hard for the world to see it too because maybe she is trying too hard to be something she is not, or she covers it up with layers of excess weight, maybe consciously or subconsciously fearing the attention that comes with beauty.

Because one thing is certain: beauty demands attention. I know that beauty is not evil because if I could describe God in one word, He is beautiful. His character is beautiful, and I think if we ever had the chance to see Him, He would clearly be radiant, magnificent, and worthy of awe and worship.

He also makes beautiful things: sunsets and sunrises, flowers and springtime, the sun glistening on the snow, the face of a laughing child, and I must not forget to mention, the beautiful curves of a woman.

Beauty is essential.

It may not seem “useful,” in the way that math and science and logic are “useful,” BUT it is essential. We need beauty around us to feel human, to feel whole.

The thing about beauty is that every woman has it, and I believe, every woman has it to attract a specific kind of man. That guy. The one you’re supposed to be with. The ONE.

Someone out there has eyes for your kind of beauty.

It doesn’t matter if not every man finds you attractive. It doesn’t matter if the majority of men don’t find you attractive. Crazy huh?

What matters is that you do the best with what you’ve been given naturally, with the confidence in knowing that if God has placed a desire in you for companionship, I believe, he has created a specific man who will see you and see a dime.

It’s pointless to desire the beauty of another woman and wish it were your own. You know what’s crazy? If I could be my ideal of beauty, Nate wouldn’t have noticed me. And I would have missed out on being with the best man I know, just because he was attracted to a different “type” of woman.

God made you to look the way you do, to laugh the way you do, to smell the way you do, to have curly or straight hair the way you do because I believe he has created your “Adam” to recognize you and to be DRAWN to you and CAPTIVATED by you like a moth to a flame.

You are that flame.
Do not diminish your own light because you want someone else’s light. You have a light and a sparkle of your own, that is yours alone.

Ponder this:

Isn’t that comforting? It is to me because it makes me feel like it’s pointless to be something I’m not. No matter how much a peach tries to be an orange, she will always be a peach. And imagine if she were the juiciest, most in season peach, and she didn’t even recognize her value just because she was too busy wanting to be an orange. If you’re a “peach” be the best peach you can be, and forget about trying ot be an orange. Get it? Last thing…

Have a great week!

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