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The Romantic Power Of A Signature Scent


The other evening, a friend and I were talking about the power of scent. She told me her favorite men’s cologne, Agua De Gio, and to illustrate it’s power on her, she told me what happens when she smells this cologne. One day, while she was having lunch at a café near her school, she smelled it and looked around. She was just hungry for food upon arriving at the café, but after she smelled this cologne, all thoughts of hunger faded and the needs of her taste buds and growling stomach were ignored and replaced with another sudden, urgent need. She had to find the man, who without a touch, a look, or even a word had seduced her. Her eyes and her nostrils collaborated in this effort to discover him, the stranger who had reduced her to an animal in heat, unable to deny the olfactory sensation. When she finally did discover the source, it was an older gentleman with nothing in his appearance to draw this kind of reaction from her… but still, because of this scent, he had a magnetic pull that lured her in like a moth to a flame.

Wow, you’re probably thinking, what was the name of that cologne again? Scent is powerful. Here’s how to turn that bottle of cologne into Love Potion #9.

Humans are sensual, meaning we like things that engage our senses: sight, touch, hearing, taste, and smell. These things all come into play in romantic relationships. You can do something about how you look. You can exercise, primp, eat right, and dress well, but ultimately you cannot change your genetic makeup. You can’t change the way your voice sounds. You can also maintain good oral hygiene so you “taste” better, and you can soften your skin so you “feel” better. Of all these senses, the sense of smell can be manipulated the most. It’s also the sense that’s attached to the most vivid memories. Everybody has a natural odor, but besides that, it’s all up to you to decide what you want to smell like.

The most important piece of advice that very few people follow is to choose a scent, and stick to it. That’s what I mean by signature scent. Just like your voice is distinct from anyone else’s, your scent has to be distinct to be remembered. When you hear a person’s voice on the phone, sometimes you can already attach it to the actual person. That’s because their voice is one of a kind. The uniqueness of their voice allows for immediate recognition. This is true about appearance as well. You look differently from anyone else and that’s what makes you recognizable. In the same way, your signature scent should also be uniquely you. This is so important if you want to be remembered not just as a girl/guy who “smelled nice.” I dated a guy a few years back and followed this piece of advice. I used only my signature scent. After we broke up, he walked into a room and he smelled the scent he had associated with the memory of me. He couldn’t help but be flooded with a host of unexpected fond memories of our time together. He ended up announcing, “Hey, someone’s wearing _____(my name)!” Needless to say, the girl wearing my signature scent was a little annoyed when she retorted, “Hey, it’s not just her scent!”

Well, that’s true, to any non-discriminating nose. But not my ex’s. To him, that scent will always be me. Every time he smells it, he’ll know it’s me, the same way he knows it’s me when he hears my voice or sees my face.

And this principal works visa-versa. Even after almost 6 years, I still cannot smell Curve. I cannot smell it without being flooded with fond memories of my ex. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside, overly sentimental and wanting again to be wrapped up in his arms. I smell him and all my other senses take a journey back in time. I see his face vividly, I remember the day we sat by the lake, and I leaned back in his chest, his arms enfolding me. I can picture his wife-beater and my flowing blue dress. I remember the taste of his kiss, the smoothness of his lips, the deepness of his sultry voice. Because he followed the principle of using a signature scent, I can remember all that with vividness after six years.

So my case in point? If you can’t be with him/her (right now or ever) at least be the unforgettable one. Leave him/her with good memories, memories stirred up by the subtle but deeply ingrained power of your scent.

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  1. william

    wow…it’s very true! i remember a girl I used to date in high school wore “Pleasures” and everytime I smelled it, even on an aunt, I thought of her. Scents are very powerful.

  2. Cheesy Pick Up Lines

    Very true. I remember when I went to my first high school reunion I didn’t recognize many people because of how they changed but a few gals I recognized by their “signature” scent.

  3. Nathan

    The sense of smell is the one most strongly tied with memory.
    Victoria’s Lovespell is my catnip. Any time I smell it I think of her. Unfortunately, it became pretty popular so I encounter that scent fairly often. It’s pleasant, but the ‘false alarm’ of someone else wearing it can be a bit sad sometimes.

  4. MidoriLei

    Victoria’s lovespell! I will definitely check that out!

  5. Lydia

    Oh, I used to use Lovespell lotion. Veeeeery good smell and I think it worked the same magic on the man in my life at the time…..

  6. Tanning Lotion

    For most of my life, I used to think that Love Potion #9 didn’t even exist. As a matter of fact, I was under the impression that it was simply a myth for a long time. That literally all changed in my sophomore year of college. I went into my marketing class and there he was: I don’t remember what he was wearing or how his hair was parted, but I remember the Grey Flannel he wore. I never really liked it as a scent itself, but for some reason on him it was like magic. Within 3 weeks we were on our 1st date (he was slow to ask, so I eventually invited him over to my apartment for dinner w/ my roommates…he was a hit!). 6 years later and we got married. To this day he only wears Grey Flannel on special days (anniversary, birthdays, the anniversary of us meeting, etc.). So yes, I believe that humans are sensual. I believe that scents can be powerful. I believe that when all is said and done, don’t mix scents: Go with the ones that work. For me it’s Grey Flannel, but for others it can be something like Polo, Drakkar, or Hugo Boss (the 1st version, the the “remix” version that isn’t as good).

  7. MidoriLei

    Grey Flannel huh?! I need to check that cologne out!

  8. Radford

    I wanted to comment and thank the author, good stuff

  9. Radman

    Appreciate the info guys, thanks

  10. uhhh

    plain old aqua velva is my signature smell 🙂

  11. MaybeJustaLittleUsed

    I bought my Christian wife some victorias secret pink once. I smelled it on someone else and asked what it was because it drove me crazy. Wife was offended that I bought her some for a gift. She said it was wrong because I bought it for my own pleasure, not hers and that she doesn’t support corporations who’s objective is profit while promoting sexual behaviours. As a Christian, where do you draw the line? We’re divorcing because I’m the problem and it only takes one. She got her child and the house, I got the payments and heartache. The child is her Lord and true love now.

    Great site BTW!

  12. MidoriLei

    Where do you draw the line MaybeJustaLittleUsed? It’s sad to see her get offended that you would give her something that you enjoyed on her… It sounds like a win win if you love it and if it makes her more desirable. unfortunately many Christians have a distorted view of sex. What’s wrong with supporting a corporation who’s objective is to profit while promoting sexual behaviors that will encourage sex between a husband and a wife? Sex is good. God made it. Perfume is good. Jesus applauded Mary when she poured expensive perfume on his feet. I’m sorry your wife does not understand this…

  13. David

    That is so true! I dated this one girl about three years ago and she wore Victoria secret’s pure seduction and now everytime i smell it on someone I go crazy

  14. hunter

    I have experienced satisfying results by using, “pheromones.” Some have a fragrance, some are fragrance free. It comes in a spray bottle, prices vary. They make them for male or female, you can find them online, at the sex shop, or stores that sell potions, lotions, candles/new age items.

  15. hunter

    …..and get this fact…one store I went shopping at, the clerk said, many, many, more women buy “pheromones,” (she is usually sold out for women to attract men) more than men do.

  16. bonney

    Wow, MaybeJustaLittleUsed. Did your wife just become a Christian? I have been a Christian for 6 years now and the Bible says for the wife to win her unsaved husband by sweet and gentle ways….not by disapproving, judgmental ones. How much more receptive would you be, if you saw her change into a sweet, loving woman who approved of you and nurtured you?

    We are all in a process and your wife is in her own, but she needs to stop trying to change you, and allow the Lord to change HER first. Thats what Christianity is all about – allowing the Lord to change US, so other people will see us, wonder what we have and want some for themselves.

  17. Anonymous

    Oh my! I keep changing scents! Think it’s about time i decide and stick to a signature scent as well..

  18. Anonymous

    Oh my! You are so right.. i still recall a friend of mine from many years ago whenever i smell the scent she used!

  19. Neely Delagado

    Hey, awesome web page however there is a problem whereby sometimes I get redirected to the root page when I view other pages within your web page.

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