The Married Friend’s Vow to Her Single Friends

bride and bridesmaid

This was from Bridget Jone’s Diary: The Edge of Reason. It is Jude’s speech at the end and I think worthy of repeating for all those female friends who are getting married or will ever get married in the future.

The married friend’s vow to her single friends:

Today I bade farewell to being a singleton. But although I am now a married, I promise never to be a smug one. I promise never to torment any singletons in the world by asking them why they’re still not married or ever say “How’s your love life?” Instead I will always respect that that is as much their private business as whether I’m still having sex with my husband. I promise never to suggest that singletondom is a mistake or that because someone is a singleton there is anything wrong with them. For as we all know singletondom is a normal state in the modern world. All of us are single at different times in our lives and the state is every bit as worthy of respect as holy wedlock. I promise also to keep in constant contact with my best friends who are living proof that the urban singleton family is just as strong and supportive, just as there for you as anyone’s blood family.

There’s this temptation to make your husband your world after getting married. Don’t fall into this trap. Marriage isn’t a walk in the park and when you’re down, you’re going to need your girlfriends. And when you’re up, the sharing of your joy doubles your pleasure! Honeymooners are hermits together, but when you get back into the real world, keep up with your friendships!

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