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The Kennedys and Thoughts on Adultery

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I love these black and white pictures of the Kennedys. I watched the entire series…

The Kennedys

It was fascinating, but really disturbing. I never realized how many times JFK was unfaithful. Katie Holmes did a wonderful job portraying Jacki. It got me thinking about how our upbringing highly influences what we view as right and wrong. For JFK, raised by a father, who on his wedding day gave him this advice,

“Wives don’t expect you to be faithful. They just expect you to be discreet,”

it just goes to show how your family upbringing can “normalize” otherwise terrible behavior. His father was unfaithful, and so was he.

It also made me think about how utterly revolting I think adultery is. I don’t believe in divorce except for the two Biblical and acceptable reasons:

adultery and abuse.

And I have come to respect any marriage that survives an adultery because if anyone ever cheated on me, they wouldn’t get a second chance. This is my pride, maybe something I should pray about. For me, there is forgiveness, but I could never forget, and I honestly don’t think the marriage would EVER be the same, so I wouldn’t even want to try.

That’s how repulsed I am by the thought of adultery. In my mind I think,

    If I’m trying my hardest, giving my all and my best and it’s still not enough, and the man still wants to stray, what more can I give, when I’ve given all I have? What more can I do to make him want to be faithful?

That’s the end in my mind.

What are your thoughts on adultery? Do you think you could recover and give your partner another chance if they were unfaithful? What goes through your mind that makes you want to make it work?

Dear readers, I would love to know your insight on this:)

Sorry to end on such a downer subject… but, I hope you have a great weekend.

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