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The Grass is Never Greener

People always want what they can’t or don’t have. We idealize the other thing. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

I can promise you it is not.

When we get out of a relationship we start to remember with rose colored glasses all the amazing things about that person, and forget the reasons it ended.

We see a happy couple and wish we were them.

Our social media has pics of happy couples who have it together.

But we only see the surface. We don’t see what is really going on. The fights, the long nights, or the work they are putting in.

Your relationship would be better if ….

If you are in a relationship and think that they key to your happiness is the HOT accountant on Zoom Call 4, or your single friends have it made… think again.

Your happiness begins with you.


If your relationship has hit a dry spot, water it, pour into it and your grass will spring up green again. Stop breaking your neck to get to the other side of the fence. I promise the grass is the same.  You just can’t see it from your perspective.

If you are considering stepping out so that you can get your fix of green grass, don’t.  Read this article, pray about it and seek out ways to work on your relationship. Sex and excitement will fade into wilted grass, broken hearts and drama.

SINGLE and wishing you could mingle?

If you are single and think a relationship will make you happy, you are wrong.

You are the only one that can make yourself happy. Another person can enrich your life, when the time is right, but not complete you.

For right now, enjoy the grass that you have on your side of the fence. Invest in yourself, be comfortable with yourself, be happy with yourself. You only get this time of complete  freedom and independence for a short period of time in your life. Stop looking at the other grass wishing you had it.

Instead, enjoy where you are in life, focus on your goals and living life to the fullest, because one day you might catch yourself looking back to this period of your life thinking how green the grass was and you had no idea.

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