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The “Cold Read” and the “Touch” Tactic

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I’ve been turned on to some practices of pick up artists, and although pick up artists may be perceived as a very manipulative bunch, some of their tactics are quite brilliant– some I hope to share with decent guys to help them hopefully secure one good girl (not try to pick up a new girl every week lol). Use wisely. This stuff works!

I highly encourage men to incorporate these two practices when they meet women:

1. Touch

Give her a high five.

Shake her hand.

Gently place your hand on her shoulder when you’re making a point in conversation, like when you’re saying, “You know what I mean?”

What does non sexual, casual, harmless touching do for a woman? It INSTANTLY makes her more comfortable and trusting around you. Which is one HUGE step closer to her entertaining your advances. The sooner you can touch her, the better. Nuff said.

2. When you are trying to get to know her, do the “Cold Read” instead of just asking questions.

First of all, what is a cold read? It’s a guess. It’s a statement instead of a question.

For example, instead of asking, “What are your favorite hobbies?” you make a guess, a bold, confident matter of fact assumption. “You look like the creative type. Do you dabble in the arts? Painting? ”

What this “cold reading” accomplishes is five fold.

1. Your interaction seems more playful, more like a guessing game (people love to play!) and less like an interview. (no one likes interviews)

2. You get the woman responding because they have to correct you or confirm your guess. If you’re a stranger, why should any woman have to answer your “interview” questions? This way, you open the door to conversation without a woman feeling pressured to open up.

3. It gets a woman talking about specifics. Instead of vague statements like, “Tell me more about yourself,” specifics like, “You must like traveling,” will get the ball rolling in a specific direction.

4. You appear more confident.

5. It opens the gate to flirtation and banter. If you’re right about your guess, they will confirm it. If you’re wrong, they will deny it and now they’re in a position to prove it is wrong and defend themselves against your guess. This of course comes out as light banter and flirtation.

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