The BEST Way to Find out if a Woman Likes You


Our world is lacking of brave men, men who will courageously risk rejection in the name of love. So many men just want to wait until it is “safe” to proceed. They want the woman to give all sorts of hints of her interest before they make a move.

Women want:

  • courageous men
  • brave men
  • men who take risks
  • confident men
  • men who know what they want
  • decisive men
  • ambitious men
  • humble men

You become all of those things the moment you speak up and make your intentions clear to a woman.

Do NOT let her get away with putting you in the friend zone, using you for emotional support when what you want is a romance; what you want is for her to be your lover.

Do NOT just show up to places you know she’s going to be at and try to fake stalk her.

Do NOT pretend you just happened to run into her.

Those are cowardly moves.

Boys hint.

Men spell it out.

“I want to take you out on a DATE.”

Date, implying all the romantic intentions you have toward her.

Yes, your intentions are not innocent. You want her. Let her know it.

If you’ve never met her before, just politely introduce yourself (after asking to speak to her away from her friends)

“Hi, my name is Joe. What’s your name? … Jane, I’m sure you get this a lot as you’re so beautiful, but I can’t miss this opportunity. Can I take you out to dinner sometime?”


NOTHING is sexier.

Part of her wild attraction for you is simply because you pursued her with abandon.

Simply because you took initiative.

Simply because you went after her with no hesitation.

That’s HOT.

Even if you get denied, it’s the bandaid theory. Better now, with a brief moment of pain to your ego. It’s better than dodging the issue and slowly getting denied/rejected all the while your heart will be getting more and more attached and learning more and more reasons you want her…

or WORSE YET, falling into the friend zone, as you keep showing up and not getting out what your true intentions are.

Let her know ASAP that you only have ROMANTIC intentions toward her:)

Cheers to taking risks in love! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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I love thinking about the intricacies of dating, love and life. I share my tiny lessons in the hope that it helps you as you navigate the dating world.

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  1. PlaidGirl

    Amen. Amen. Amen. I tend to be attracted to shy guys…and it’s so hard to wait on them to MOVE. Thank you for your words of TRUTH…they are a balm to the soul of a woman who is ready for a guy to step it up and SAY THE TRUTH. Man, that is sooo attractive. Wish this had an anonymous forward button. =)

  2. MidoriLei

    Thanks PlaidGirl for your comment! See guys! Women dig this!!! When women respond and agree, it really helps for other guys to see that it’s not just me who believes this stuff. Thanks again PlaidGirl.

  3. hunter


    Thanks for the precise, get to the point, outline, on the initial approach. Now, if you would keep us informed of any other details you may have left out. Like for example, for sensitive men, they may want to try approaching a woman they are not attracted to. Rejection won’t be so bad, besides, how many of us have gone out with someone we were attracted to, and it didn’t work out????….

  4. MidoriLei

    yikes hunter,

    sensitive or not, a man should only go after a woman he’s attracted to!

  5. hunter

    Really???…..aaaahhhh, there are, many, many, more, not as attractive/plain/average looking women out there, that are priceless, and overlooked by most men..I read this line somewhere…….”Some gems come in plain wrappers”…….

  6. ShyGuyInLove

    So I’ll admit, I’m one of the “Shy Guys” and I’m typically terrified to ask a lady I like out. At my workplace there is this REALLY cute woman at my workplace that I’ve had my eye on for a few weeks now. We work in different parts of the building and the only time I see her is in the morning in the parking lot as we only park a few parking spaces away. Now, I smiled at her before and she gave me a nice, pretty smile in return. Ever since then she’s all I’ve thought about 🙂 Now that I’ve read this article I’ve realized that I have to just man up and DO IT! I’m going to approach her, introduce myself and ask her if I can take her out sometime 😉

  7. hunter


    Make a plan!!…have a plan ready!!..Make sure you tell her you want to take her to dinner/movies/museum/for a walk, etc….be specific, try not to say, “lets go out some time”…….!!!!!

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