The Bachelor: Why Matthew Grant Sent Those Girls Home

This article was written before he gave out the last two roses, so it doesn’t account for why he dismissed Amanda and Chelsea. Amanda, Chelsea and Shayne were all good contenders, but I really think of the three, Shayne was the most sincere and genuinely funny. Chelsea wasn’t comfortable with PDA and romance; she just wanted to have fun all the time. Amanda was like, so, like too like perfect. And she did say like way too much. Check out her last little speech with Matt where she really opens up. In the couple of minutes she spoke, she said like more than 20 times! I mean it’s not like it’s like a flaw or anything, but like it can get like pretty annoying sometimes. In the end, he looked the most comfortable with Shayne. He was looking for a witty catch who could roll with his family’s jokes and she did really well when she spent time with his family. Chelsea was too perfect, said all the right things. Shayne spilled something on herself, joked around about her age, and wasn’t afraid to ask his brother some tough questions. She truly proved to Matt, his family, and America, that there is more behind the sexy blonde bombshell persona.

As for the other contestants…

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    I’ve learned plenty from the 2 posts based on bachelorette and bachelor.. didn’t know TV shows had some much more to offer =P

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