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Take Care of your Health

Recently someone I love dearly had a very real medical emergency. It’s not the first time a loved one has ended up in the hospital for something connected to their heart, blood pressure or diabetes.

And every time it has happened is just as frightening and threatening as the time before.

It’s with this newest scare fresh on my mind that I decided to give a little life advice. How is this connected to dating?? Well, your future spouse and your pocket book will thank me, when your longevity takes you into your golden years with grace and ease, instead of with expensive pills and surgeries.

A few years ago I watched “Forks Over Knives“, and the premise of it really stuck with me. It based on the idea that if you eat healthy now you will avoid going under the knife later. They recommend a plant based lifestyle. Check out the website for plethora of information and recipes.  (I do NOT recommend their expensive cooking lessons.  Youtube is free, and is where virtually every great chef I know got their start!)

I do advocate a plant based life style, but know it is not for everyone.  I also know that it is not a change that will happen over night.  I went vegetarian at the age of 16, it was easy for me, but when my BFF did it she CRAVED meat. I mean literal dreams of steak and poultry.

If you are interested in making changes, start by adding more vegetables and fruit. Grab a ready made salad kit, or cut up some fruit.  Here are some other awesome tips to help you figure it out.

I know that everyone’s body was made differently and to need different things. But what I do know is we need NO artificial sweeteners, less to NO sugar, no fried foods, less meats, more grains, more vegetables, more fruit, and more water.

I bought a 64oz metal reusable water bottle at a local store. I fill it up before bed to be ready for the next day.  I make sure that I finish it before I go to sleep and I’m hydrated and ready to go!

We also need fresh air and exercise!  Move your body! Not to mention exercise your brain. Turn off the television (read why here, here and here) pick up a book, go for a walk, phone a friend, do a puzzle, go dance in your living room. Do something that stimulates your cerebral cortex and gets your neurons firing.

Extra habits that have helped me over the years:

  1. 7-8 hours of sleep a night
  2. drink a glass of water as soon as I get up
  3. walking and weight lifting
  4. keeping in touch with friends (Read about the impact of friendships on your health here)
  5. having a dog (Read about why you should a pet here)
  6. journaling, specifically gratitude journaling: I highly recommend the app (iOS) Gratitude!
  7. Prayer, reading the Bible, church attendance
  8. Forgiving myself for my past mistakes
  9. Setting goals and working to attain them
  10. Stop eating at 4:30 pm
  11. Find a way to serve others or volunteer

All of these habits have helped me either with my physical wellbeing or with my mental health, which is just as important. If our mind isn’t right, who cares how we eat or if we exercise?

My final advice is to take care or yourself. Get your yearly physical, read one article about health a week and find new habits to cultivate or old ones to improve on.

We have to take care of our bodies! It’s the only one we’ve got!






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