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Love Online: 10 Tips for People New to Online Dating

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5 Tips For Guys: How to Choose a Good Online Picture

Photo by Cyan
I used to be really scared of dating someone I met online. But I gave in. I have yet to actually meet anyone in person, but I've come a long way as far as my attitude about online dating is concerned. Now I realize that online guys are just like guys I see walking down the street. (or in the library)The truth is it's hard to meet new people unless you go to bars, clubs or you're interested in dating a coworker. It's hard to meet new people when you always go to the same places and see the same people. So, I've chatted with a few men online, started to talk to one on the phone... and actually have only great things to say about them! Being scared of online dating is soooo 2007:) Here are five picture tips for guys, based on what I've come across: