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Sometimes, Women Don’t Want You to Fix Their Problems…

As annoying as it is, sometimes they just want you to listen and say you understand.

LOL! Thanks for this Robyn!

“It’s not about the nail!”

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  1. Don @ HowYouCanFindLove

    My girlfriend showed me this the other night. It is 100% true! It took me a while to understand this and to actually start following this when in relationships. I let my girlfriend vent all she wants, listening to her and acknowledging everything she says. When she is finished, I simply ask if she is looking for a solution or just wanted to vent. If she wants a solution, I’ll provide one. Otherwise, we just talk about the situation/issue.

  2. Brett Vaughan

    Men by nature are fixers, knights in shining armor complexes intact… we swoop in without asking the damsel (in distress or not) to save her from herself, and often end up in trouble for trying. Whether it’s pre programmed genetics or not, I think it comes from a desire to make right, and see her happy, whether we actually have the ability to fix it or not. Letting go and allowing her to do it herself because she’s strong and independent and perfectly capable isn’t a barrier to anyone who doesn’t feel the overbearing need to overprotect.

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