Smell Good: Things we look for in a man

There is no denying that smell is a powerful tool.  There is something that takes us away in a scent. It can bring us back to grandma’s kitchen, or Dad’s garage with just a hint of a familiar scent.  So why not use the ability to smell good to your advantage?

There is nothing quite like hugging the guy you are into walking away and carrying a little of his scent with you. Or borrowing a sweater and sniffing it because his smell is still there.

A lot of guys overlook this important tool to catching a woman.  They concentrate on other (important) areas, but this is a powerful and simple tool to keep her thinking of you.

1. Have good Hygiene

Do the basics: bathe daily, brush and floss, wear deodorant.  These cannot be emphasized enough.

2. Cologne

Don’t over do it!  A small splash that enhances your natural scent, not overpowers it.  If you don’t know what to get, ask for help at a department store. Or take your cousin or sister with you, someone your age that will help you pick.  Normally I would recommend your mom, but on this case I would say to avoid it.  My mom and dad’s ideas of perfumes and colognes tend to be on the stronger side of scents, while my contemporaries are usually spot on in their scent choice.

3. Be aware

Know if you smell like the food you were cooking, the machine you were fixing, or the dog you were petting and shower before you see her. A little bit of cleanliness goes a long way.

I can still smell a certain cologne, I don’t even know the name, but it will take me back to my first puppy love in high school. He probably wore too much, as we all start out doing, but it didn’t matter to me.  It would now though, so one splash and that’s it!!  Don’t kill her nose, just entice it.

Still curious? This is a great and easy read from if you are interested in which scents are most attractive to women: What’s the most attractive scent to a woman?

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    ….I have had a fun time using Pheromones to attract women…

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