reconnect your relationship

Reconnect Your Relationship

Hello couples! This post is for you!!

Stephanie Parejamaas is offering a workshop to help couples reconnect in their relationship.

Stephanie helped me to face a deep-seated fear earlier this year, and I benefited from her time and attention immensely. Stephanie (MAS-MFT, CFLE, HWP) is a: Holistic Wellness Practitioner (Holistic Nutrition, Life Coaching, Hypnosis), Certified Family Life Educator, Gottman Leader, Love and Logic Facilitator and PREPARE/ENRICH Facilitator.

A little about the workshop:

“It is for those couples that feel like they are ready to start reconnecting with each other. Sometimes life transitions such as having kids, teenagers, empty nesting, promotions, retirement, can create awareness that couples are not as close as they once were.  Couples that already feel pretty close and want to maintain their connection can also benefit from this workshop. For those who feel like they have lost or are losing the spark that once lit fires between them. This workshop is designed to provide helpful information and actions you can start taking today to reconnect with your partner. We will even discuss a helpful tool for when conflict enters into the conversation. It is in a group format so that you know you are not alone in this situation and to share ideas of what is working in your relationship and hear what is working in others.”
Sign up at and use the coupon code: dating10 for 10% off the class. The next workshop dates are Oct. 22 or Oct. 24th.

Happy reconnecting!!

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