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Profile Pics: 8 Picture Do’s and Don’ts for Online Dating

This is your time to show off. Be intentional and be your best you. Your profile pics tell the world who you are; they form the picture that you want people to have of you.

You are quality and your value does not lay in your looks, but attraction does come before conversation. There is no shame in posting the best of you as your profile pics, but make sure the pics are current. If you can’t find any that you like then have friends take some, or shamelessly bust out that selfie stick.

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In my experience there are certain types of pics that lead to conversation and meeting people while there are other types of pics that make people skip a dating profile. Now for the must haves, the obligatory profile pics that you should use on your dating site or dating app:

1. Full face

profile pics

Let them see all of your face.

Don’t hide. Smiling, pensive or serious, however you look the best, post that pic.

I took this one using that wonderful invention, the selfie stick.  No horrid bathroom mirror.  No cell phone in this pic, and as a bonus the angle is high enough that I have automatic cheek bones!

Looking for a good selfie stick?  Midori, founder of Dating Advice From a Girl turned fashion and makeup blogger extraordinaire recommends this selfie stick: Mpow Selfie Stick Bluetooth found on Amazon. Check out some of her amazing pics at

2. Having fun

Profile pic

Everybody loves having fun.

Showcase your goofiness. Show that you are ready to joke, play and laugh. I was always attracted to profiles that showed men I felt I could have fun with. If they looked like they were having a good time, I was in.

3. Dressed up

profile pic

Show off what your momma gave ya!

Use that pic of you at your friend’s wedding or headed to church. Let them see that you clean up nicely. Show off that new haircut, fancy highlight or clean shave. Get some model poses going and strut your stuff.

4. Casual

Profile pic

Casual makes you approachable.

Let them see that you are approachable. If all of your pics are you looking too fabulous, many people will admire, but not stop to have a conversation. People can be intimidated by good looks and not want to step outside their comfort zone to talk to someone so “fancy”. A cute pic of you in comfortable clothes or something relaxing can take the intimi- out of dating.

5. Something adventurous

profile pics

Adventure is your middle name!

Find pics that show your dangerous side. Handstands, hiking, skiing. The vacation pic of you hidden in the jungle. Whatever your adventure is post it. For me this pic was crucial. It was the opener to so many conversations: “Where was the scenic mountain pic taken? It’s gorgeous!” And from this one opener can flow so many conversations.

6. Full body

profile pics

Full body can be combined with any other type of pic.

This can easily be combined with any of the other “obligatory” pics. I did my full body pic with one of me being adventurous after a long day at a construction site on a mission trip. I know that a lot of us, especially women, don’t enjoy the idea of this picture. But it is important. This is dating. Quality of character trumps all, but there must be an initial attraction to allow a relationship to develop.

If you are sensitive about your body type, don’t be. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. God made that person that will be captivated by your looks; it’s your job to know your worth and know your good looks.

7. Optional profile pics

Your hobby: Are you passionate about something? Use it! It lets people know who you are and opens the door to easy conversation. You play the guitar? Cook? Surf? Read? Well then post it!

Food: This may just be me. I love to eat and could easily qualify it as one of my hobbies. Someone laughing over a plate of food, or a goofy pic taking a big bite of something delicious made my heart race a little faster.

profil pic

Am I the only one that loves a good food pic?

You with friends: This is tricky and not one of my favs. First, your friends have to be ok with being posted. Second, it cannot be your first picture. Last, it needs to be one of the last of your profile pics, so it is clear who you are.

8. Don’t do it

You can use fancy angles for your benefit, slimming or heightening, but don’t let it be deceitful. There is nothing worse than meeting someone in person, who is the person in the pic, but not exactly the person you thought you were meeting.

Don’t use old, out dated pictures for your profile. Sure you were a stone cold fox, but you still are. Use pics of you now. People aren’t trying to date you 10 years ago, they are trying to date you now.

Don’t put up just any pic. Men, make sure your clothes fit you. It might not seem like a big deal, but women have a keen eye. Don’t be slouchy, be proud.

Don’t do the bathroom pic. Nobody wants to see the cell phone and you taking a pic of yourself in the bathroom mirror. If you look that good, get a friend to take the pic for you. Don’t have any friends? Then ask a stranger. Just don’t use this pic. It is sooo 2001.

Don’t post only one pic. One pic is not enough to see what you really look like. And while character is your most valuable quality, you have to create a doorway for initial attraction so people can see your real value.

Don’t do skimpy pics. There is difference between a fun beach pic and an, “oh, look at my hot body pic”. If you are posting these types of pics don’t get mad at the type of people and treatment you attract.

Remember, dating should be fun. Think of this as a chance to toot your own horn. To show off your best you. Pick your best pics and show everyone just how awesome you are.

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I love thinking about the intricacies of dating, love and life. I share my tiny lessons in the hope that it helps you as you navigate the dating world.

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  1. James

    Some great advice here, I personally always go for profiles that have both a face picture and a full length one. Otherwise I always have that feeling of hmm what do they really look like? Fun pictures always show some humor too 🙂 very attractive. Thanks for the tips.

    • Robyn-Anna

      I completely agree, James! I need to see who the person is to be sure there is an initial attraction before I waste their time and mine. And for me, humor is paramount in life; if it’s not funny, what’s the point? 🙂

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