One of my fantasies…

man with food

I want to share one of my fantasies involving a man.

I’m really visual and I picture the scene exactly. The only thing that’s unclear is the face of the man. It takes place when I’m married and a mom of a toddler. I imagine waking up to the smell of food cooking and the sound of a baby crying.

It’s Sunday morning and I can’t imagine why there would be an aroma coming out of the kitchen at such an early hour. Half asleep, I crawl out of bed, pull my robe on and drag myself to the kitchen. As I’m about to turn the corner, I stop suddenly because of the sight before me. I’m fully awake now, and what I see captures my full attention. In one hand, my husband has a spatula and is trying to juggle between flipping a pancake and making sure the eggs aren’t getting burned. On the other hand he’s holding on to our baby and resting the baby on his hip. “Shhh,” he whispers gently, “mommy’s gonna wake up.”

Okay, not the kind of fantasy you’re expecting, but he is wearing boxers and an apron 😉

He’s up early. He’s multitasking. He’s cooking a full meal. There’s something about a man who actually likes to cook. It’s not just because I’m a foodie and the quickest way to my heart is through my stomach. It’s not because I love food so much that life sometimes becomes a constant search for new flavors to surprise my palate. It has to do with being a sensual person.

I seriously believe guys who enjoy cooking would actually be better in bed.

A sensual person is someone who loves anything that engages their senses. They are deeply moved by music, they are highly affectionate people, they drink in the scents that surround them, be it a loved one’s cologne or the distinct smell of fresh brewed coffee. They can differentiate the smell of spices in food. This is where the appeal of the guy who loves to cook comes to mind. If he cares about the process of cooking, the chopping, the mixing, the smells, the sounds the textures and colors being used, and ultimately the way it is all arranged in the end, more than or as much as the last part of the whole equation which is the actual consumption, I think he’ll also be more in tune with the process of the sexual act and not just the big O you know?

Just a theory.

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  1. Brant Gurganus

    You know, I’m that guy except for one thing. I don’t multitask well enough. I don’t think I could handle a baby in one hand and flipping pancakes in the other, at least not with the confidence necessary to think something wouldn’t happen to the baby. I do enjoy cooking though and do the whole chef hat and apron thing when I cook. Later.

  2. hunter

    A woman’s fantasy, hhmmmm….

  3. anezah

    my comment is that i want to b very se….y

  4. Greg

    I’ll bet you loved the food scene from “City Of Angels,” didn’t you? Very sensual.

    • MidoriLei


      man…. I really don’t remember City of Angels very much. It’s been so long:( I guess I need to watch it again! I’m sure I’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.

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