For Single Guys

New Years Eve

You know this famous Christmas song?

Guys, listen up! You know that girl you’ve been secretly crushing on forever? You know how you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to ask her out on a date?

NOW is the time to make your move!


Why You Need to Ask Her Out on a New Year’s Eve Date

Because NO SINGLE WOMAN wants to be alone on New Year’s Eve. It’s almost as bad, if not worse than being alone on Valentine’s Day. At least on Valentine’s Day, it’s a holiday so blatantly commercialized and promoted for couples that there are parties dedicated to hating Valentine’s Day. You can rant all you want on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes your dad even sends you flowers to make you feel better (mine did when I was single! I love you daddy!) You can gather with all your other single girl friends and make a day out of it.

But for New Year’s Eve, and that silly little countdown to a new year, every single girl is reminded that she is starting the new year alone.

Scenario 1: What She’s Going to Do On New Year’s Eve

Maybe she went along with everyone’s plans and she’s at a party with her coupled friends. Everything is hunky dory. It’s all about the champagne, the goofy hats, the snacky food, UNTIL it’s countdown time and she looks across the room at her best friend sitting on her fiance’s lap ready to kiss him when the countdown ends. Everyone seems to be coupled except for her. Her only option for a New Year’s kiss is that creepy guy with googly eyes across the room who she’s been trying to dodge all night. Now he’s making it very clear that he’s available for the countdown kiss.


Scenario 2: What She’s Going to Do on New Year’s Eve

Maybe she remembered this party from last year and decided she’s just going to make the countdown in her PJ’s, celebrating the New Year with her long time buddies Ben and Jerry. Except she’s just as lonely, thinking, “Why am I still single again on New Years?”

GUYS, this is your time to shine. This is your time to secure a date. Do it! I’d be bold enough to say that New Years Eve is the day that women are the most willing (read: desperate) to secure a date, even if you are not their first choice. Even if they are still hung up on their ex. Even if they are happy being single. Just make sure to take them to some kind of party or get-together so she feels safe being around other people, especially if you two are practically strangers. So what are you waiting for?

How to Ask Her Out for a New Year’s Eve Date:

Ask her if she has plans for New Years Eve. If she doesn’t, tell her, “I’d be honored if you’d be my date for New Years. My buddy is throwing a party….As she contemplates this possibility, throw it out: You know you don’t want to be alone when the ball drops!”

And smile. Look her straight in the eye. Smiling and looking her straight in the eye shows confidence.

What to Say if She Say’s “No”

If she says no, then just tell her, “Well whoever gets to spend New Years Eve with you is a lucky guy. I’m going to give you my number in case you change your mind. Have a great day.”

That way it doesn’t look like you are affected by the rejection (also shows confidence) and maybe she’ll be thinking about you that day, how cool, calm and confident you were. Even if she says “no” at least you know she’ll be thinking she could have been on a date instead of being alone on New Years! And it will get her more curious about you. I never advise men to give out their number (men should ask for a woman’s number) but this case is the exception because at the last minute she might change her mind! If she calls you last minute, just assume she changed her mind, don’t make her feel bad by saying something like, “Ah, so you changed your mind!” Instead just answer the phone and say, “Where do you want me to pick you up?” That shows confidence too:) It also gets the ball rolling in the direction of flirtation cuz she’s going to be like, “Wow, presumptuous are we?” and you can just ignore it and be like, “You’re going to have fun.”

How to Know if You Can Ask Her Out Again

If she doesn’t change her mind last minute, when you see her again, if she smiles and makes eye contact, that’s a good sign. If she avoids eye contact and doesn’t smile, not a good sign. But if she smiles and looks at you, then approach her again! Just come up to her and say, “Hey, how about that date?”

Don’t let one little “no” get you down. You will know if she can be won over if she smiles at you or looks you in the eye after your first interaction.

If you don’t believe me that it’s okay to keep pursuing after an initial rejection, just listen to Aaliyah:

Here are the lyrics:)

It’s been a long time (long time)
I shouldn’a left you (left you)
Without a dope beat to step to (step to)

It’s been a long time (time)
We shouldn’a left you (left you)
Without a dope beat to step to (step to)
Baby girl

What would you do to get to me?
What would you say to have your way?
Would you give up or try again
If I hesitate to let you in?

Now would you be yourself or play your role?
Tell all the boys or keep it low?
If I say no would you turn away?
Or play me off or would you stay? Oh

And if at first you don’t succeed
Dust yourself off and try again
You can dust it off and try again
Try again
‘Cause if at first you don’t succeed
You can dust it off and try again
Dust yourself off and try again
Try again

I’m into you, you’re into me
But I can’t let it go so easily
Not ’til I see what this could be
Eternally or just a week
You know our chemistry is off the chain
It’s perfect now but will it change?
This ain’t a yes this ain’t a no
Just do ya thing we’ll see how it go. Oh

off and try again
Try again

See you don’t wanna throw it all away
I might be shy on the first day
What about the next day?
Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?
I said you don’t wanna throw it all away
I might be buggin’ on the first day
What about the next day?
Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?

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