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Marriage License = Permanent Roommate Lease

At the altar:

Preacher: “Will you promise… til death do you part?”
He: (grinning from ear to ear) “I do.”
She: (eyes glazed over in blissful delirium) “I do.”

At this moment, no one ever expects that their marriage will end in divorce. They imagine eternal love and bliss, but if not, there’s always divorce, right? In my culture, divorce is taboo, the way incest is taboo in the American culture. In our family tree, there is one divorcee: my uncle living in the west coast. When we have to clarify who he is in casual conversation, we refresh the listener’s mind by saying, “You know, the divorced one.” All identity confusion ends there.

Maybe if divorce was taboo in this country, people would take it more seriously. At the very least, they should remove or alter the lines “til death do us part,” to read “til death or irreconcilable differences or faltering affections, or an inability to communicate without ending in arguments or….”

I make this analogy to girls who want to take the plunge: Marriage is like signing a 50-80 year lease with a roommate who also gets sexual priviledges.

If they respond with “What’s a lease?” Big trouble. If they’re renting/leasing history doesn’t have the best track record, it’s time to do some real soul searching.

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    That’s one good reason why the “mental” attraction is more important than the “physical” attraction =)

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