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Email Consultation Rates

In the past, I have had the time to respond to every personal email asking for dating advice at no charge, but with the growth of this site (yay!!) I’m now charging a small fee.

To be able to keep up with the number of emails, I am now charging $30 per email that I respond to regardless of the length or number of questions in the ONE email. If after my response, you think of further questions, you must submit another $30 payment to Paypal before I respond to your second (third, fourth…) email.

Unlike commenting on a specific post, email consultations offer privacy, so if you are interested, just click on the Paypal link below and then email me at datingadvicefromagirl@gmail.com. Please indicate on the subject line “email consultation.”

Looking forward to your questions:)

Email Consultations

I’m here to help:) Nothing like airing out your dirty laundry with a complete stranger who is pretty much addicted to helping people with their relationship woes and confusions. No connections. No prior biases. I’m just here to listen and give you my two cents, gently, like an old friend sitting over coffee.

Get your specific questions answered, run through some hypothetical situations to give you peace of mind, or just pick my brain on anything related to love and relationships!

Once you have purchased your consultation, please email me at datingadvicefromagirl@gmail.com and include a detailed description of your situation and I will respond within two business days.

Legal Disclaimer:
The information and advice provided on this website through emails, text consultations, and blog posts is the writer’s opinion. Following any advice from this blog is therefore strictly at your own risk. The writer asserts the right to change or update information on this website at will.

The writer assumes no responsibility for outcomes resulting from the use of information contained on this website, phone consultations, emails, or from information obtained from linked sites from this website. Dating Advice From a Girl expressly disclaims (denies or renounces) all liability for any unsatisfactory or damaging results arising out of use, reference to, reliance on, or performance of such information.

Any references to products and services on this website are not a recommendation or endorsement of products or services. Links to other Web sites from this site do not constitute or imply endorsement.

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  12. Andrew

    Midori – I paid $30 for e-mail consultation but it never redirected me back to your page after I paid. I sent e-mail to your yahoo account but never heard anything back.


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