Just a Verbal Rant: Fears About Marriage


Welcome to my first podcast! No dating advice here, just some fears about marriage:

Play it on your browser below or you can download it here by right clicking and selecting “save (link) as.”

So again, I’m asking those who are happily married to give us the low down on the real deal…And those of you who aren’t married, guys, what do you fear about marriage? How about the girls? What do you fear?

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I love thinking about the intricacies of dating, love and life. I share my tiny lessons in the hope that it helps you as you navigate the dating world.

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  1. esther

    wow. you just nailed it for me.
    I identify with so many of your fears its scary.
    hopefully someone out there has some insightfulness to help us with! on your last note though..on your fear of being fully known..i have to agree with your friend that being fully known and loved completely regardless of whats inside you is one of the most liberating experiences we can have in this life..its the closest thing to gods love I can think of..what better way to evolve ourselves? I crave that..I guess its just the journey to finding someone thats capable of being that thats scary..because your going to be putting yourself out there little bit by little bit and running that risk of rejection the whole time…

  2. esther

    ps. I thought the podcast was great- It allowed this profound humaness to come through that you dont get to experience in your blog…Its almost as if you carry us on a journey with you as the tones of your voice rises with momentum and then trails off..I think you should do more!

  3. MidoriLei

    thanks for your insight Esther! I agree with you… the idea of being fully known and loved unconditionally has it’s certain appeal. Our society just makes it too easy to go, “You’re flawed. I’m out.” But for those people who have that, it’s touching on the divine. The closest thing we have to something of the infinite here on earth….

    Now if we just could find some brave souls to comment on marriage from the inside:)

    *hint* *hint* ladies and gents?

  4. MidoriLei

    thanks again! I will definitely do some more podcasts! And hopefully some video podcasts in the future:)

  5. Eugene

    looking forward for more information about this. thanks for sharing. Eugene

  6. Nathan

    Wow. Thank you so much for sharing, I’m sure it’s not easy to openly explore the kind of musings that would normally be considered fairly personal. I love your introspection, it’s a rare trait and quite refreshing.

    Believe it or not, guys can share many of the same fears. I can’t speak for all guys, and certainly not “typical” guys, but I can assure you that some of those hesitations you mentioned are quite familiar on this side, too. That’s why it was so captivating to hear you expressing those sentiments, because there were quite a few that had crossed my mind as well.

    I wish I had some helpful answers at the moment. I will have to listen again and put some more thought into a better response. Even if my take is atypical, you might be able to still extract some insight.

    It sounds to me like this topic is really more the seed of a discussion or conversation than a question seeking an answer.

  7. MidoriLei

    thanks for your comments guys! Be on the lookout for the next part of this marriage podcast series. Hopefully by Monday I’ll have it up: “Marriage…it’s kinda a big deal.”

    It’ll deal with the benefits to counteract some of the fears:)

  8. AA

    This is great! Please continue as I feel I have someone who is feeling exactly like me!!!

  9. hunter

    I am sorry I couldn’t open it…

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  12. Dale

    Hello Midori,

    I had an opportunity to reflect on my marriage over the past 29 years, following our discussion, the other day while on assignment @ your place of employment. What was truly amazing to me was the simple fact that I have never really discussed my theories/experiences in depth before to anyone about my marriage and or marriages in general. To your credit you made it really easy, I want to thank you for listening, our conversation brought some feelings/emotions back to the surface that had been Buried a long time ago. Would you consider researching BI-Cultural Relationships? I hope I was able to help you with your issue. I must apologize to you for declining your audio/visual interview. Respectfully

  13. MidoriLei

    Hi Dale! It was such an opportunity to get to spend the day hearing your theories and discussing such deep issues about love and marriage. I am officially engaged! You should definitely be proud of your 29 year marriage. It is a feat and a huge accomplishment. I’m always here if you want to discuss anything further!

    I will definitely consider researching bi-cultural relationships especially since I will be married to a gentleman of a different culture as well!

    You were a lot of help and a great source of insight and inspiration to me. No apologies needed about declining the interview! One way or another, I will find a way to share your views to my audience:)

    God bless you!

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  15. Aplus

    I fear of being cheated on, in ever which way or form.

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