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I’m Pregnant!!!!+ Advice on Relationships and Parenting from a Billionaire.


Hi sweet readers,

I’m pregnant! 14 weeks to be exact. I’ve been MIA for quite a while now. So many other things are taking priority– like taking several naps a day and trying to find food that doesn’t make me gag lol.

Which reminds me, I’m getting kinda hungry (again) so I have to make this short before the nausea sets in.

Nate and I are super excited to be welcoming our first child. We spent New Year’s Eve in a billionaire’s penthouse!(How? Another story for another time) Anyway, we felt really out of place for the most part. Like we had just stepped into an episode of Gossip Girl and Serena and her rich friends all stared at us as we walked in. Who are these people not dressed in couture?

haha. But the saving grace was that when we actually talked to Mr. Billionaire, he was quite welcoming, kind, warm, and downright a great host.

He also had a lot of advice to give us, and being an advice columnist, of course I was all ears!

Here’s what I got out of the priceless talk with Mr. Billionaire:

On the Secret to a Happy Marriage-

“You know, I’ve been married 29 years, and I tell you, I’m more in love with my wife than I’ve ever been. The secret is don’t get stagnant. You have to do different things together and not get bored. Go on adventures. Try new things. If you don’t, you’ll get in a rut and you’ll think it’s cause you married this person. But that’s not true. We all get too comfortable. You gotta snap out of that and continually seek newness, like you did when you were first courting!”

On the Secret to Good Parenting-

“Being a parent is the most amazing thing you will EVER do in this life. But we have it all mixed up in our culture. We think that we need to prioritize the kids. NO! Never put your kids above your spouse. If you are happy together, I promise you, THEY will be happy. If you put them before your spouse, your marriage will suffer, and your parenting will suffer. If you put your spouse first, and they know it, you will be a good parent. More than anything in the world, they need a good example of what an amazing relationship looks like. It’s not your job to make all their dreams come true! That’s their job! Your job is to prepare them for the road ahead of them, and one BIG way to do that is to be a good example. In the real world, the world does not revolve around them! Why should you make them think otherwise! You do them a disfavor when you make them the center of your universe. You had a universe before they existed. They are just an addition. Trust me on this one.”

He had other great advice about how money doesn’t buy happiness, and WHAT exactly does:) And the key to success in life. But I’m hungry! Maybe another post for another time.

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  1. Katie

    great post, Midori!! I totally agree with Mr. Billionaire and can’t wait to hear more about the story from New Year’s Eve!! Xoxo

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