I’m inspired by…


My mom and dad’s marriage.

At times my dad makes me want to forget marriage altogether…

(Note: Mostly when he’s being a realistic, say-it-like-he-means-it, truthful without the tact, military sergeant clone trying to whip me into action– then again, he did raise my brothers and I from the time we were able to walk, to promptly line up in front of him, side by side, salute and say “Report for duty, Sir Barizo!” ‘Course it did sound more like, “Report por duty serrr Ba-riSO!” with our Filipino accents.

Remember that scene from sound of music where all the kids march up in a row??? yeah, kinda like that.


Yes, this is all true. And it didn’t seem all that strange until I actually wrote it down!)

But sometimes… I just look at my mom and dad and I’m inspired. Because for the most part, they are happy and still so much in love.

The thing I notice them do the most… is laugh together. I think that’s ‘gotta be the secret to their marriage.

So here’s to laughter! Check out this funny flickr group, full of the funniest, kookiest people around:

You Wearing a Glass Bowl on Your Head


or better yet, grab a bowl, snap a photo, and join!

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