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Guys: 5 Ways Not to Royally Screw Up a First Date

Today we have a guest post from Jack Vaughan. Enjoy!

She’s agreed to go out on a first date, but now what? You don’t want to look like a fool saying or doing the wrong thing and ruin your chances for future dates. First impressions truly are everything, you don’t get another. So make sure it’s a good one! There’s not a mademan manual for that perfect first date, but if you follow these simple tips, you will have the makings for a second date.

Pick Up the Tab

Be a gentlemen and pay for everything. In today’s society it’s more common for you to go dutch with your date, but in most cases, you should pay for everything. If she insists on settling her half, then let her, you don’t want to make her mad. She might assume you are a stubborn, ego-headed d-bag who has to show his manhood by paying. There’s a fine line.

Talking About Your Ex? Forget About It!

The first mention of an ex will ruin the date. It will make her feel like you don’t care about her and that she is just a rebound. Mentioning the ex will have her thinking you are still hung up on her, which will immediately make your date emotionally unavailable. If the roles were reversed, would you want to hear her talk about her ex and all the crazy stuff they used to do together? Probably not, so give her the common courtesy and leave the exes out of the date. X the exes.

Tacky Pick Up Lines—Don’t Use Them

“You must be tired, because you’ve been running through my mind all night.” Using a tacky pick up line could be the worst move for you. Women do not want to hear “Did it hurt falling from heaven?” They will laugh in your face, guaranteed.

Ignore That Phone!

There’s nothing more annoying to a woman than a man giving his phone more attention. If you get a text or a phone call during dinner, don’t answer it! There are exceptions to this rule, like if your mother is in the hospital or your house catches fire. Most likely, it’s just your bud asking if you are going to get any action. So, just be a gentlemen and leave your phone alone.

To Kiss or Not to Kiss

Use the clues she give you during the course of the date to determine if you should kiss her or not: She smiles at you a lot, laughs at all your jokes or gives you the “come hither” looks. If she does any of these then she’s probably into you. Leaning in for that kiss has to be done when the moment is right. You can’t expect to get a kiss if it was a horrible date that she just wants to forget about. If you have the confidence that she’s into you, go for it. Typically, girls like boys to make the move. Sometimes being too much of a “sweet” boy is a turnoff.

These aren’t be all end all rules, just simple guidelines for you to follow. You should also make sure to be punctual and listen to her. If you do all these simple suggestions, you can be sure to get that coveted second date.

Jack Vaughan Jack grew up playing football and would give his left arm for Manchester United. Although he’s tough to get a hold of during the World Cup, his journalism background gives him an amazing platform for writing.

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