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How to tell your Girlfriend to Lose Weight.

Ok Fellas.  This is it.  The comment that might cost you your life. Do NOT do it. Bite your tongue. Do not call your lady fat, tell her to lose weight or let her see your google history say, “How to tell your girlfriend to lose weight”.

Instead, find a way to work it into your lives, together.

5 Ways to Get Your Girlfriend to Lose Weight

1.Buy a gym membership for the both of you

Make it about both of you getting healthy together.  A partnership in fitness. Sweating together, working toward a common goal, building a bond, but mostly getting those extra-love-pounds off of her while keeping your life intact. Not familiar with the gym, get a couple of sessions with a trainer, watch some youtube videos, find some fitness apps and you’ll be a pro in no time.

2. Find an activity to do together

Not into the gym? Not a problem.  May I recommend: cycling, walking in a park, martial arts, yoga, pilates, dance, baret, intramural sports…find something both of you have an intrest in and push for it.  Make it your date night(s).  And if you’re not into what she wants to do, suck it up and remember her ass in those great jeans from 2 sizes ago.

Then find a way to step up the intensity.  Find something that gets the heart rate up and pumping to start burning those calories.

3. Start cooking together

Part of the problem has to be the way you guys have started eating.  Eating out for date night, grabbing something and cuddling on the couch.  A late night junk food fiesta with a movie.  All of this is the natural progression of relationships, comfort and food go hand in hand.  So, suggest cooking together.  Make Sunday nights meal prep nights. Not a chef extrodinaire? Then watch some youtube videos or take some cooking classes.  Cooking at home is a million times healthier than eating out, and better on your wallet.

4. Invest in a fitbit

If you are competetive at all, this will be a great gift for you and her. Get a fitbit for both of you and start the challenges (you can set up competitions in the fitbit app).  Make it interesting by adding a bet to it:  loser has to rub the winner’s feet, loser has to wash the winner’s car, loser has to clean the winner’s bathroom…pick your trophy!

Personally, the fitbit helped me to actually start doing all the things that “they” say you should (parking further away, taking the stairs, etc.) because I had a tangible goal to achieve.

5. Be Patient

Weight loss is hard!! (For most of us.) The weight didn’t pile on overnight, and it won’t wash off overnight.  It will usually take longer to get it off than it took to put it on.  So don’t give up on that woman you love.  Keep trying to support her in this (your secret) mission.  If you refocus your lives toward health, she will follow.

Remember men, tread lightly when it comes to telling your girlfriend she needs to lose weight, but don’t just take my word for it.  Here is an article from “The Hot Girl” writing for muscle and fitness that offers another woman’s perspective on this oh so sensitive topic. Good luck, and may wisdom be with you!



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