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How to Spoil Your Partner- Lesson Number 1: Learn How to Put Them to Sleep

There are many ways to spoil your partner, and today, I’m going to talk about just one specific way. Learn how to put your partner to sleep. Sex can put your partner to sleep, so can massages, and so can gently touching them all over their body (avoiding parts of the body used in sex and foreplay so they are being lulled to sleep, not turned on).

Touch is very healing, powerful and relaxing. You can apply the technique of gently touching your partner’s skin by using only your fingertips, and with the lightest of pressure, JUST barely skimming the surface, start by going from the tops of the shoulders to the tips of their fingers, making sure their arms are laying palms faced up.

Repeat this movement a dozen times, slowly going from the shoulder to the tips of the fingers and back up again.

The two most sensitive, and best feeling areas are in the delicate skin in front of the elbows and behind the knees.

Make sure not to miss these two most important areas when you do your rubdown!

After you do both arms, continue with the legs, and just like the arms, start at the thigh and end at ankles. Then, move onto the face.

Gently outline your partner’s face, again only using your fingertips, and with a featherlight touch. Touch every area of the chest and stomach. (Skip the chest for women as this will only turn them on)

Finish by stroking your partner’s hair, starting from right below the ear on one side of the face to the back of the head, making sure not to miss an area, going through the entire head in rows, and finishing at the other side of the face right below the ear.

Run through the hair again, this time, gently using the back of your nails.

I promise, your partner will be asleep in no time!

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  1. Anonymous

    Being so comfortable and relaxed to fall asleep in any situation with your partner is one of the greatest gifts you can do. The tips you give are very relaxing and should help soothe your partner gently to sleep.

  2. Theresa

    Indeed very useful tips to relax partner and make them sleep. I have been trying a couple of them this week and they really work. Thanks for the tips.

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