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How to Have a Beautiful Budget Wedding, Step Two: Make Your Own Birdcage Veil

After doing research on birdcage veils, I couldn’t believe that the majority of the veils I ran across were over a hundred dollars!

So, I decided to make one myself.

The first attempt did not go so well. I bought the last remaining birdcage veil fabric at the fabric store, which was less than a yard, and because it was square, I couldn’t shape it easily into a round veil.

I started cutting it and realized that I needed to have the edges still in tact for it to look right. Once you cut off the edges, it looks unfinished.

I bought 2 flowers from Claire’s Boutique, which worked perfectly and cost only about $4 each!

The veil looks okay below, but trust me, it was nearly impossible to get it to sit right on my head. I looked like I was going for a “peacock” look. The veil would not lay flat! I decided I needed another veil option:

What I found that was pliable, round and sat perfectly on my head was the “veil” part of a pill hat I found at a vintage store for $10! Score! It looked something like this:

The veil part of the hat came off really easily as it was only attached to the top center of the hat with glue. I just gently peeled it off. (notice the difference between the finished edges of the veil on the pill hat compared to the picture of mine above which had “unfinished” edges)

Then I gave the “hat” part to my coworker, Kathy, and she wore it to the wedding!

So, for a total of $18, I made my veil! ( 2 flowers from Claire’s at $4 each + $10 for a hat with birdcage veil)

Here is one more picture of it- view from above:

I saved over a $100! yipee:)

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  1. hunter

    You look fabulous!…

  2. Rosy Surbella

    A mission without a very goodplan is just a wish in my opinion

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  4. Single Filipina

    If you have the skill and time then making things for your wedding yourself is a great idea! many people make things for their own wedding.

  5. bd

    Just have a try it.

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