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How to Have a Beautiful Budget Wedding, Step Three: Get Creative with Decorations

I spent $154 on 40 pomanders and hung them all around the ceremony and reception site. That’s the benefit of having your wedding outdoors: you don’t really need a florist or many decorations. If you decide to go the route of using flower arrangements, you could be paying $154 for one arrangement! Instead, put your money toward pomanders. You get 40 for the price of one flower arrangement.

Here’s where I got my pomanders. Plus, they have the cutest colors! I ordered peachy, french vanilla, beige and ivory.

I chose all rounded edges instead of spiky edges.

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  1. kyla

    Thank you for the article! I will use your advice planning my wedding for next fall. I love online dating sites likes yours!!

  2. YouAreBEAUTY

    It is scary to see how quickly things like flowers can get expensive. Good luck on your budget!

  3. Lydia

    These are pretty easy to make, as well, though it can get time-consuming. I had my family and wedding party help and we got them done in a couple of hours.

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