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How To Get Over Your Partner’s Annoying Habits

I was so inspired by Joanne’s article (read it! It’s great.), that I decided to make my own little lists…

Annoying things that Nate does:
asks me “Were you able to do ‘so and so'” when he didn’t ask me to do ‘so and so.’ Put items in the wrong hamper. Gets moody on long drives.

Annoying things that I do: talk his ear off as soon as I see him (I’m working on it). Cook in a furry, creating a whirlwind of a mess. Cook food on “high” with our new pots.

Here’s my favorite part of Joanna’s post:

“Young people in relationships tend to give negative things too much weight and underrate the positives. Negatives often get three times the weight of positives. But look at married couples in their eighties. Their little annoyances are often all they talk and joke about. “Oh, Miriam always says this…” “Oh, Herb always does that…” The little annoyances are acknowledged, accepted and part of the fabric of their relationship. They try to act like they’re driving each other crazy but they really can’t live with out each other. Annoyances aren’t a deal killer. They’re a natural part of a long, happy marriage.”

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