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Okay Gentlemen, this post is for you! This post could also be titled, “How to make women smile.” I love when men know how to flirt! My husband and I still flirt and it’s wonderful. Just because you live with someone doesn’t mean you can’t still look at them with googly eyes and let them know through your words, your looks and your touch that you are not having kosher thoughts about them:)

But, this post is for the flirtation that happens at the beginning. Before you even know if she’s interested, or in that time period where you are trying to make it clear to her that you’re interested, even if she is not so sure about you. Maybe you’ve become texting buddies. Maybe you’re starting to feel like you’re in the friend zone because you’re going out together but she’s not warming up to the idea of going on an actual date, let alone giving you any kind of romantic affection.

First, THIS is why it’s important to keep it always flirtatious:

By keeping it always flirtatious, you are giving the woman no room to settle you into the friendship zone. A woman who does not see a man romantically will not be able to maintain a full on flirtatious friendship. If she cannot see you romantically, she will be turned off and uncomfortable with all the flirtation you are dishing. THIS IS A GOOD THING. She won’t be able to keep dodging your flirtations and she will be so uncomfortable that she won’t even want to maintain a friendship. It weeds out those women who can never be won over and it gets the ones that can be won over into the frame of mind that your intentions are NOT platonic.

Which leads me to this very important question:

How do you know when you are flirting?

You know you’re flirting if there is A CHANCE THAT YOU ARE MAKING HER UNCOMFORTABLE. If there’s no chance that you’re making her uncomfortable, then you’re playing it too safe and not taking a risk. Also, if you’re feeling a little corny or uncomfortable yourself, you’re on the right track!

Remember there’s always room for more flirting. YOU CANT FLIRT ENOUGH. Every time you interact with your love interest, it needs to be clear that you see her as more than a friend.

How do you sneak in flirtation all the time? When she says something, say corny stuff like, It’s cuz you’re beautiful.

Other ideas for flirting:

Compliment anything above her shoulders.
Her graceful neck, her sexy voice, her laughter that’s like the call of the sirens, her piercing or smoldering eyes, her beautiful smile, her gorgeous hair…

If you have a chance to see her hands, tell her how feminine and graceful they are.

If you have touched her skin, tell her how soft and silky her skin is.

Tell her her laugh is a drug.

Ask her, “Has anyone ever told you you have such a sexy phone voice? You do.”

Tell her you miss her or miss any of the above things.

Tell her when she speaks she is so animated that she lights up the room. Tell her that you’re drawn to her face like an audience is drawn to a starlet on the screen.

Tell her you haven’t been able to keep her off your mind.

Tell her what’s on your mind. All the things you think (that are PG), SAY IT ALOUD.

With flirtation there is risk of rejection but at least you know and she will always know what the main goal is! Don’t even give her a chance to think any kinds of silly thoughts like, “I think of you as a brother,” or “I only see you as a friend.”

THOSE kinds of statements are from women who haven’t been flirted with enough.

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  1. Marko

    Another great article and advice! Appropriate photo you chose for this one too- what about adding lips to the “above the shoulders” list you made above? Can’t blame your husband for flirting with you when he knows he’s going to see that amazing smile!! Hope you both enjoyed Christmas together Midori!!

  2. MidoriLei

    Thanks Marko! Ha! Can’t believe I forgot lips!

  3. Karen Parez

    I must say that you’ve written some very good ideas to improve relationships. I also came across this outstanding article titles as 10 outstanding ways to surprise your husband which includes some very good ideas that you can use to get the romance back again in your relationship. Thanks again for the wonderful post.

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