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How to Date during COVID-19?

How to Date during COVID-19?

This may be my worst post to date.

I totally accept that my advice in this post is crap. But I stand by it.

Because, my shoddy advice on how to date during COVID-19 is:


Instead, take sometime to be comfortable in your own space, in your own company, alone. Pick up new habits and hobbies. Get to bed early. Finish those projects at work. Read your Bible more. Exercise. Paint. Build. Write. Spend time with family.  But leave those COVID-carrying strangers alone.

I know I’m being ridiculous…

And, I know this advice is not for everyone.

If you are ready to date, if your heart is open and it is the season in your life that God is moving in and on you to get out there and get to know someone new, let me recommend this article from the New York Times.

It’s a really good article with great advice, way better than mine on this topic. I just want you to be safe. You can call me Helicopter-MOM, I’ll take it because it’s true in this case.

My synopsis of this spot on advice is:

  • get to know them virtually first
  • date outside
  • wear a mask
  • wash your hands and sanitize
  • just because you like them does not mean they have not been exposed
  • communicate your needs
  • Be careful, be weary, take care of yourself

It’s a hard time to date, but I believe in you and your pursuit of happiness!

Who has better advice than me? Lay it on us!

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