How to Care for Introverts and Extroverts

I am most definitely an extrovert while Nate is most definitely an introvert. Our needs are different because of this. A lot of the time, you will notice that opposite personalities attract each other, and because their needs are different, conflicts can arise. For example, I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of person.

Most of my friends are always late when we do things, they forget to make reservations, and plans seem to always change throughout the course of the night. For me, it’s just typical, and I’ve learned to accept it. For Nate, who is an introvert, this can add undue stress. See # 6.

Because of this, I’ve learned to give Nate as many details of changes prior to those changes happening, as early as I can. That way he doesn’t feel like all these changes are happening on the spot. Nate doesn’t like surprises. He likes to be prepared for the worst, and I appreciate that quality about him. I appreciate his preparedness and organization, and he appreciates my spontaneity and zest for life. I love surprises! This is just one example of how introverts and extroverts can feel differently about the same issue.

For the most part, you’re going to date/marry someone who is undeniably an introvert or an extrovert. Sometimes you will marry someone who is a little of both. I really like this little instruction manual on how to care for either.

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