Happy Two Year Anniversary to My Lover

We went zip lining at the North West Trek for our two year anniversary. I highly, highly recommend it if you are in the area. Nate surprised me as it’s more my thing. (no danger involved) But it was so much fun for both of us, AND we invited Nate’s mom which was the real treat! She is 62 years old, doing a full on obstacle course. From one zip line to the next, you have to go over wobbly bridges and netting and such. We even had to walk over a tight rope. She was such a trooper!

Here’s Nate eating our anniversary dinner I prepared:)

And the flowers he got me! White flowers. My favorite.

Tonight we are going to watch This Means War, eat bread pudding, and have wine. Last year we went to Vancouver, and as much fun as it was, I actually enjoyed staying home this year more and doing zip lining in the area. I love sharing this time with him at home doing just the simple, special things.

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