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(but we promise not to tell anyone if you gentlemen secretly read on!)

It seems like I’ve been writing post after post on advice for guys. (besides the Notebook stuff) I think it’s ‘cuz I started working at a community college again and most of my coworkers are guys. We literally spend half the day sitting around round tables talking about dating, life, philosophy and politics… and laughing at each other in between tutoring sessions with students.

So, I decided I needed to send some love to my female readers:

A great photo blog featuring everything kissy, smoochy and lovey-dovey.

My favorite “couple” blog, tracking the life of the cutest couple ev-a. Forget photo albums. A photo blog is the perfect thing to show your kids!

Style inspiration for your dates via the streets of Tokyo.

The hottest raw foodisteye candy plus health and environmental issues inspiration.

Have you had the same color/hairstyle since sixth grade? Ready to see your boyfriend’s mouth drop? The hair addict’s blog.

ahhh…. I love boys who can dance like this:

If you have 2 hours to spare:my favorite Korean love story.

and, a reminder of just how fragile we all really are.

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I love thinking about the intricacies of dating, love and life. I share my tiny lessons in the hope that it helps you as you navigate the dating world.

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  1. Nathan

    Have you seen the Korean film “My Sassy Girl”? If not, you must!

    By the way, I wouldn’t relegate this post to the “girls only” pile quite so readily. I actually have a folder just of pictures of romantic stuff and cute couple moments.

  2. MidoriLei

    I have actually seen “My Sassy Girl!” Did you know they made it into an English Film as well? So many of my friends love that movie… unfortunately I find the girl very annoying. It makes me wonder… why do guys love being treated poorly??? Why do men love bitches?! (excuse my French) I need to write an article about that:) I understand the underlying appeal…a woman who’s confident, won’t let people walk all over her, and who’s real, honest and expects respect… anyone else want to add?

  3. MidoriLei

    Nathan, you will love this blog then: Lot’s of romantic picture stuff!

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  5. Nate

    awesome post! glad i found your site, it was on accident though =/ check mine out if you want. im still really working on it but it should be great soon

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