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Gossip Girl: Why I Don’t Talk To Local Girl friends About Crushes

Every girl needs some close, long-distance friends because they are friends you can vent to about your newest crush. I never tell girlfriends in the area about a guy I like who hasn’t shown any interest. Here are my following reasons:


1. They will talk to you about him and you will talk to them about him causing yourself to get too attached before he has even shown interest! The more you talk about someone, the more you’ll like him. You will like them prematurely based on unsubstantial evidence—girlfriend: “Did you see how he was with that baby? (pre-mature conclusion based on unsubstantial evidence:) He’s going to be such a great dad!”

2. Girls are obvious even if they aren’t trying to do harm. “Hey, why don’t you sit there….” No one else may catch on but since you know what’s going on, you will be hyper self-conscious and awkward.

3. On that note, if he likes you, your girlfriends might slip and the guy will find out and it’s like you taking the initiative instead of the guy taking initiative (which means he has upper hand—which is an entirely different, lengthy topic that I will delve into in another post)

4. If he doesn’t like you, your friends will pity you.

5. If he doesn’t like you, you’ve wasted a lot of time talking about him to your friends.

So instead of telling friends in the area about my latest crush, I tell my best friend who lives in Washington. Then, no harm is done!

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    Haha.. this is interesting. The statement about the more you talk about someone, the more you’ll like him is so true..

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