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Gift Ideas for the Girl You JUST Started Dating

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Have you ever been in this predicament?

You start dating a girl and her birthday is just around the corner…Or Valentine’s Day…

You don’t want to make a big deal about it because you’re not quite a regular part of her life… and you don’t want to look like you’re too invested too soon…but you don’t want to ignore it either because she knows you know that a gift giving occasion is coming up. What to do… what to do, you’re thinking.

And then if it’s Christmas… you don’t want it to be expensive because you don’t want the other person to feel bad if they didn’t get anything for you…

Yikes. What do you do?

Here are some suggestions: (Remember, you’re a guy. You would probably not understand this list. You would probably hate to receive most of these things, if not all of these things, but you have to trust me on this one. Girls love this kind of stuff!)

1. Think of the colors she usually wears… and get her a warm fuzzy scarf. You can get a scarf from Target… or if you want to give her the best kind, get her cashmere! (but it’s kinda pricey)

2. If you know she loves the holidays, loves to read and loves to laugh: Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris. You can read them together! (Thanks Naomi for this recommendation!)

3. A slouchy beret. I have not found a single girl who doesn’t like the way they look in one of these! Here’s some other choices.

4. 100 % Goats milk soap. My friend Jeff got me on this stuff. It’s a never-going-back-to-anything-else kinda purchase, and PERFECT for the winter season when skin tends to feel dry all the time.
Get it with powdered shampoo –another thing I completely swear by. It’s for those cold winter days when she doesn’t feel like getting her hair wet, for fear of catching pneumonia! She will completely fall in love with this product and think you the maven for even knowing about it! Plus it smells cuddly and divine. (caution: if your girl has dark hair, it might not be the best bet. My mom has jet black hair and she didn’t like it on her hair.) (Thanks to the Killer Chemist for this recommendation)

For both of these gifts you can just say something like, “It’s just a little something I thought you might like because the weather can be drying and cold.”

5. Gourmet chocolates are usually a crowd pleaser…. but take it a step up… petit fours! (tiny, bite-sized French cakes with a hard outside shell)

Or maybe she’s more of a cupcake kinda gal? (Thanks Naomi for this recommendation!)

6. If she loves to cook: Onion action goggles. (Thanks Joanna for this suggestion!)

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