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So maybe I’m not targeting all of your dating concerns. Now you have a chance to ask me specific questions.

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  1. Jaylin

    Hi. This is a long So I recently got in contact with an ex that I dated 6 years ago.I asked her on a date after awhile and she said yes righy away but also said she was talking to another guy. I didnt mind at all.We went on a few dates over the course of 3 months and everything seemed to be going well. She called me every day 3 or 4 times and seemed eager to spend mpre time together.One week we didnt talk as much so I asked a mutual friend to ask her if she was serious with the other guy discreetly.That same day that her friend asked her that question,the girl I had been going on dates with said she couldn’t spend the night over my place anymore becaude she just wanted to be friends.I thought this was out of the blue! I played it off and said”I thought thats all we were for now anyway”. Her friend later called me and said the girl i was taking out said she didnt have feelings for me and even denied that we went on dates.According to her friend her and the other guy werent serious but she just didnt want to be more than friends with me. Clearly I dont want to be just friends with her and i left me confused as to why she’d say that to me when we had just discussed plans that very morning.That was a week ago and i haven’t talked to her since.Shes messaged me twic but i havent replied yet. Do you have any advice for me? Should i still pursue aince thats what I really want? Or should i give her space and see if she’ll come to me on her own?

    • Robyn-Anna

      I think you should leave her alone. If she doesn’t know what she wants, don’t get your feelings involved. Pursue someone that has the same goals and intentions as you.

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