For Women: What Makes You Instantly More Attractive

A smile adds to face value
Do you believe that you’re lovable just the way you are? It’s true. There’s a guy out there who thinks of you as their “ideal.” Unless of course you hate yourself.

If you don’t love yourself, it will be impossible for you to really love someone else. You know yourself more than you know anyone else in the world, and what you know more than anything about yourself is that you have always been and will always be flawed. If you can’t love yourself regardless, then how can you love another flawed person? This sounds so Dr. Phil but it’s true, the most attractive thing you can do is to learn to love yourself just the way you are. I never understood what this meant. Does it mean that you have to love everything about yourself? No, but it does mean that you focus on what’s good and you give yourself some grace where you are lacking. Most people on a daily basis focus on what’s wrong with themselves and hardly acknowledge the things that are good about themselves. When you love yourself, you allow progress and change to be slow. You stop criticizing yourself for your shortcomings. You stop the negative thoughts in your head because you’d never say those things in that way to your best friends. You deserve to treat yourself with as much tact and respect as you treat your dearest friends. Love makes things beautiful. So if you want to be beautiful, the first step is to love yourself.

So now, getting back on the subject, here’s what you can do now to instantly be more attractive:

Five Ways

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  1. Nathan

    I know this article is mainly focused on advice for women, but I would venture to say that the principle holds true for guys as well. I especially like the introduction that talks about watching couples in the mall and recognizing that most of them don’t look anything like supermodels.

  2. Nicole

    I agree with you. A woman should know how to love herself before she commits to any man. Stay natural, maintain an amiable disposition, be confident enough of yourself, appreciate a man’s work sincerely, and be sure to retain respect within yourself. 😉

    The looks though are the first thing that a man considers so be as beautiful as you can be. But eventually, your looks won’t matter anymore coz what is more important is the way you act and behave when you are with them.

  3. MidoriLei

    Great advice Nicole!

  4. MidoriLei

    Nathan, what a revealing observation.


    Very good advice. In fact, even for guys, it’s important to love yourself too =)

  6. Donna

    Loving yourself is not always a requirement to loving others. I know a woman with low self esteem that loves her partner and her children. The real issue is – if you do not love and accept yourself as you are then you will demonstrate a low worth to others. Although my friend loves her partner and children, they treat her very poorly. When you learn to love yourself you attract into your life people that respect and love you. Your website is very helpful in promoting healthy relationships where both people are winners!

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