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For Women: A GREAT Kissing Tip from My Friend Ellen

Okay, this article has nothing to do with technique.

It has to do with timing a first kiss. Ellen says,

Don’t kiss a guy until you can’t stand it anymore.

Meaning, until you’re just dying to.

Think about it. There’s only ONE first kiss. Make it hot! Memorable. We all know men will always try. Let them keep trying! There’s an unspoken rule between men and women. That is that 9 times out of 10, women will have to set the boundaries physically.

If you want a man in your life long-term, it makes sense to space out all the goodies! So you both have things to constantly be looking forward to.

I think of this analogy. Food. (Why does it always go back to food with me???!lol) When you eat when you’re not that hungry, the food tastes alright. Good at best.

But when you wait…

until you are ravenously hungry…

You’ll feel like THAT meal was the best you’ve ever had.

Delayed gratification is ULTIMATE gratification.

I’ve been labeled a tease. No shame.

I want to wait until I have a voracious appetite to indulge in a man’s kiss…

to build up anticipation…

Anticipation is a bitch.

But you know they say!

Men love bitches.

Try this tip and maybe you’ll be able to relate to this. It’s one of my favorite movie kisses!!! racy!

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  1. Lydia

    Totally agree that this is a hot hot HOT movie kiss! I remember just loving it. Great kissing advice, btw! I know that when the guy waits to kiss ME until I’m JUST DYING it’s phenomenal, so I’m sure it works even better going the other direction.

  2. Emma

    I agree. We shouldn’t give in too easily. The longer you wait, the more both of you will want it. It makes a kiss much more special if there has been more of a buildup.


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