Every Female Needs to Watch This.

I think at one point or another, every female has to struggle with the idea that their appearance matters to men, BUT at the same time, their appearance does not dictate their worth.

It’s nice to like what you see when all the makeup is off, when you are naked and bare, but more importantly, it’s ESSENTIAL to know that NONE of it makes you more or less worthy as a human being. You are worthy by your very existence just because the God of the universe decided to give you life. Profoundly comforting isn’t it?

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  1. Violy Mah

    Whatever we look does not really matter because we are fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator! Very inspiring video! Thanks for sharing…

  2. Baby

    Yeah, it’s really important, the girl with good outlooking is always get attention from other men, it’s unacceptable if you don’t care about your appearance.

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